Monday, July 25, 2011

How Do You Make A Shurg From a T-Shirt...

I'm so excited to share this next project with you!! I found this tutorial first on pinterest but then i went here for a REALLY great tutorial... :) But i thought i'd share it with you right here on my blog so you can see my finished project! I love love love how it turned out. :)

So to start this project you are gonna need :

Ribbon or Cord
Fabric Scissors
Sewing Machine (please don't attempt this project without a one :P)

Okay so first you'll need to lay your t.shirt out flat and mark a straight line right up the middle.

Next you will cut along that dotted line, and also cut out the collar of the shirt.

Now, turn your t.shirt inside out and pin about 3/4" – 1". Because this is knit, you don't have to worry about it fraying. You don't need to make a traditional finished hem.

I ran into a slight problem and i almost gave up on this project, but i perservered and now know how to help you :) There's a hard corner where the collar met the shirt. I ended up rounding it off a bit and this way it's easier!!
In order to match the other side, I took the piece I cut from the first side, matched it up, and cut along the same line. Much easier than eyeballing it.

 Sewing Time!! This is the easiest part :)
Create a running stitch along the hem leaving enough room for the ribbon or cord. Double back on any corners and at the beginning and end. This just reinforces those areas. Trim the thread and turn the shirt right side out.

Put a safety pin at the end of the ribbon or cord and start threading it through the channel.

DONE!! But don't cut the ribbon until you have tried it on and you know how long you want it. 

Try it on, adjust the ribbon as needed and bask in the glow of a job well done. Easy-peasy!

I am so happy with it, and i can't wait to try it again with different shirts, different sleeve lengths ( i think it would be SO cute with a 3/4 length sleeve) and different ribbons :) so easy and a great way to re-purpose a shirt.

Hope you enjoyed this and if you make one you should let me know ;)

peace out lovelies!!

 oh, and someday i promise to take better pictures...


  1. That turned out so freakin cute I'm amazed!!!! I def will try this if i EVER learn how to use a sewing machine! ahhhhh soo cute

  2. Awwww, that's adorable! I love that you can tell people you made it, too. Super cute.