Wednesday, April 2, 2014

32 Week Pregnancy Update

Why does saying that I only have 8 weeks left feel like I could have this baby at any second, but then when I say I have 2 months left, I want to cry because it feels like she is never ever coming. Time is weird. I wish it would stop altogether so that I could prepare more, spend more time enjoying my husband before our roles change forever, spend more time sleeping and more time having clean hair and a clean kitchen. I know this is all going to change drastically once my babe makes her appearance. And as frightening as all of that is, I also can't wait. Every day, her nursery gets more and more put together, she kicks and squirms and gets hiccups, I dream about her face, and her demeanor and if she will have hair. She's already so special to me.

So for the updates!!

How Far Along?

I'm 32 weeks exactly

How Am I Feeling?

Feeling great as always. I'm still sleeping through the night with no problems. I rarely have heartburn anymore. The only real issue is the pain in the back and under my belly when I'm on my feet for too long. But honestly, it's such a small issue, I can't even complain.

How Big Is Baby?

Baby weighs 3 3/4 pounds (about the size of a large jicama) and is about 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in my belly. I'm gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of that goes right to baby.


From Pre-pregnancy weight to today I think I've gained roughly 23 pounds. Not bad, not bad at all!

What Do I Miss?

I can't think of anything I miss really. Everything is so perfect right now, I honestly don't have anything to complain about. 


Just the round ligament pain and lower back pain. But it is only a real issue if I'm on my feet for more than a few hours. So it's not even that bad.


I was asked about cravings last night at my baby shower  about cravings and I had to think really hard. I actually haven't been craving too much, I'm just back to normal with being able to eat everything. My sensitivity to spicy things has completely gone away, and I can enjoy my chips and salsa in full force! I guess the only thing I could say I crave is easy meals. I am not a huge fan of cooking at the moment (hence why my food blog is suffering) , and I'm guessing my back pain is to blame for that. So we eat out a lot because I'm just too lazy to make something that takes more than like 3 minutes to make. Needless to say, we eat a lot of hot dogs, quesadillas, sandwiches and bowls of cereal. 

Highlights of the Week?

So many Highlights!! We were able to finish painting the nursery a few weeks ago and I'm just thrilled with how it turned out!!

The coloring here is a little darker than it is in real life, but I think it just looks lovely. She will have white furniture and other grey and dusty pink accents and in the end it will just be wonderful!

Last tuesday Alex had the day off, and we were going to go out and get some new dressers for the nursery. And as I was saying that out loud to Alex I realized how silly I sounded. Now, you should know that our bedroom is a mishmash of hand me downs and free items found on the side of the road. So I decided that a newborn baby was NOT going to have brand new furniture before I did. So instead of buying baby stuff, we went to American Furniture Warehouse and bought a whole brand new bedroom set! I finally feel like a grown up. The bedroom is beautiful and I couldn't be more excited with how everything turned out. My family also needs a shoutout, because since we were getting all new furniture, our bedroom was completely cleared out. I have always LOATHED the paint color in my master bedroom. The previous owners did not do a nice job and did an extremely strange tree mural on one of the walls. I just knew that while all the furniture was out we HAD to paint it. So my amazing family, came over and helped us paint the whole room in just a few hours! So now instead of being an ugly blue, and dark purple with random tree murals, it's a lovely soft blue that goes just beautifully with the dark wood of our new furniture!!

 Is that not the ugliest thing you have ever seen in your whole life? ugh. the trees are horrible and you can see a little bit of the dark dark purple that was on the other wall above the door.

This is the new color. fresh, clean and lovely. 
(cumberland fog by behr.)

The new furniture. It looks amazing!! And it looks even better now that the room is put back together. We have bedding and things on the walls and curtains are hung. I will do a full reveal of how it looks a little later, once everything gets situated. 

This is me at 30 weeks.

An extra highlight for the past little while would have to be Alex talking to my belly. Is there anything cuter than your baby daddy talking to his little one through your belly? I don't think so. Usually at night, while she is kicking up a storm he will put his hand on my belly and get up nice and close and say "Hi baby, this is your daddy. I love you so much. Be nice to your mom and don't kick too hard. We can't wait to meet you." And my heart melts into a big puddle and it just love it so much!! 

Baby Shower Numero Uno

Let me start out by saying how incredibly blessed I am to have such a loving support group who want nothing more than to celebrate with me and help me be ready for this little babe, who will be making her appearance shortly!

The minute I announced my pregnancy, my dear friend Melissa Tyler texted me instantly and told me that she HAD to throw me a baby shower! I couldn't have been more excited that she wanted to do that for me. She is a SUPER party thrower! She threw my bridal shower, and my wedding reception and they were both the most amazing parties ever. Melissa seriously has a talent for party throwing!

We didn't discuss much about the party, all I told her is that I wanted things to bright and florarly! And she delivered! I showed up at her house an hour before the party started and was amazed at how cute everything looked!! I was greeted with bright pinks and oranges, and flowers everywhere. We had cake pops, and cheese balls, and all the sweets an expecting mother could hope for!

I had so many friends show up to celebrate with me, and it was honestly overwhelming, all the love I felt from everyone. The fact that these wonderful women would take time out of their extremely busy lives to come and be with me and my little girl was so special. I loved seeing all the gifts and hearing why these women loved what they were gifting me. Hearing first hand how helpful things were, how fun certain books were, how yummy smelling this lotion was, and how much their babies responded to being swaddled in specific type of blanket. It calmed me, and made me just that much more excited!!

Adorable leg warmers from my mom.

Freaking cute baseball jumper from Hope. She also gave me a black tutu to go with it so that she wouldn't be mistaken for a little boy. 

Little Rory. Always needs to be the center of attention ;)
Good thing she's stinking adorable.

Beaded Socks!! 

Wonderful handmade quilt from Grandma Perrine! I was so excited when she walked in. It was so good to see her, and it made me feel SO SPECIAL that she would drive all the way up from Tucson to celebrate with me. I love these quilts that she makes for all the grandkids, and now she has made her first quilt for her First GREAT GRANDCHILD!! YAY! She hand draws all the little drawings in every square, and it just makes it so much more personal and special! Thanks Grandma!!

It's wonderful to know that I have the amazing support group behind me, ready to help at any moment and I am so grateful to have such amazing friends and family! 

Baby McHardy is definitely so blessed and loved already!!