Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

I would hate myself if i didn't record this event for our posterity...

my best friend got married a month ago and i just cant contain how incredibly happy i am for her and her new husband.

Everything about the wedding was wonderful, but i do have to give a shout out to the Bachelorette party that i hosted a few weeks before the wedding... I won't go into much detail, but here are some pictures to let you in on some of the fun ;) 

Bra & Panty Cookies

Devil's Food Cupcakes

Chocolate Pretzels 

it was an awesome party ;)

Also, they had a rehearsal dinner which was so fun! Mexican Fiesta Style.

the happy couple

Photo Bombing at its Finest

The Wives.

sorry it's blurry... i just love the sombreros.

And then there was the wedding.... /sigh

Wedding manicure:) i did it all by myself 

My amazing hair, courtesy of the lovely Taylor Olsen

Right out of the temple... look and that heavenly glow :)

my handsome man just hanging out.


Adorable Cake Toppers



love her.

Cutting the cake.


Seriously people. this was the wedding to beat. so fun. 

I wish every happiness to the newly established Douglass Family. :)

Love you guys!