Saturday, August 12, 2017

July Update - Cam Five Month

June was such a blur, and we did so much, it was nice to slow down and unwind a bit in July. We didn't have any big trips planned, but we still had lots of fun! Since it is always so hot in AZ in july, a lot of this month was spent indoors, simply playing at home. Izzy and Cam just love each other so much, as it's something I truly hope continues as they both grow up. I'm close to my siblings, and it's nice to have built in friendships with your siblings. Izzy always wants Campbell as close to her as possible, and Cam doesn't mind at all, he lights up when she is near by, and it's so sweet.

Cam had his 4 month Dr. appointment, and we got some stinky news that he hadn't gained any weight since his 2 month appointment, and that we needed to start supplementing. The same thing happened with Izzy, so I was more emotionally prepared this time, but I was still bummed and felt like a failure. It's frustrating when you do all you can, and your body just won't cooperate or do what it is naturally supposed to do. For about 2 weeks after the appointment, I took fennel, fenugreek, blessed thistle, lots of water, oats, cluster fed, and power pumped, but my supply never grew. I knew Cam would have to be on formula for a while to help him gain weight, so I called it quits on trying to regain my milk supply just a few days before he turned 5 months. I'm SO grateful for formula, you have no idea. And I'm so so happy for the time we did have to breastfeed. Breastfeeding Cam was way easier than it was with Iz. I never had any pain, or bleeding. He always did so well, and I'm happy for the short amount of time I had to exclusively nurse him. He loves his bottles and gets SO excited and grunts and puts his hands straight out trying to grab the bottle as soon as he sees it in your hands. It's hilarious and I love it. Alex and Izzy love being able to easily feed Campbell, and I'm grateful for a happy and healthy baby boy.

We spent some time at the pool, the lake and attended a few more baseball games, since that is what summer is all about! My kids are both so easy going that it makes traveling, and having excursions to the pool or the ball park so easy. I'm glad that they both love getting out of the house as much as thier momma does.

Cam has mastered rolling over, and now he sleeps on his tummy which is great! But the best part is now he LOVES cuddling. He used to hate laying on my chest and letting me just hold him and rock him; he always wanted to face outward. But now that he feels more comfortable on his tummy, he will snuggle all day long and it's the greatest.

The first weekend in august we did have a fun trip planned, and we took the whole family to San Fransisco! I plan to devote a whole blog to that trip, but I just want to reiderate what I said above - MY KIDS ARE FREAKING ROCKSTARS! They did incredibly well on the trip, especially since we had over 12 hours of fight delays combined between the trip there and back... insane. But they did amazing and we all enjoyed the change in scenery and temperatures.

Campbell is the sweetest baby, and I wish I could just bottle up his happiness and giggles and smiles and happy kicks and coos and remember them forever. I love that little boy so much.