Wednesday, July 5, 2017

June Update - Cam Four Month

I literally don't know how we are already a week into July. It's still May in my brain. But regardless of my internal calendar, I do indeed have a 4 month old baby! I love this stage of babyhood. Cam is just so smiley all the time. His social smiles just do me in, and I feel like he saves the best ones for me (well me and Izzy, I swear he loves her more than he loves me). Campbell is a talker, as long as he is awake, he is cooing and gurgling and jabbering and laughing. Izzy loves to talk back to him, and she talks in the cutest 'mom voice', which she is totally mimicking from me- it's hilarious.

We have had a blast this last month. As soon as we got home from Lake Powell we started using our Ballpark Summer Pass - a ticket that gives you access to all DBacks home games in June and July!!! It has been so stinking fun. It is totally spoiling me, and also convincing me that we need season tickets. It's made a ton more fun since both kids love the ballpark, and our DBacks are KILLING IT this year. I'm calling an Astros v. Dbacks World Series #youhearditherefirst

Along with lots of ballgames, there has also been a lot of swimming. Cam loves the water, and just is so relaxed and loves to float around and will occasionally rapidly kick his legs and splash and smile and laugh. Iz has been loving swimming without floaties, and i'm amazed at how her confidence has grown since doing swim class. I have two summer fishy babies, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Cam has mastered the art of rolling over. He first went from his back to his tummy on June 16th, and it only took about 3 days until he could roll both ways, starting from his tummy or his back. So now he just rolls and scoots and slides all over the floor, and his crib. Poor thing gets stuck in the slats of his crib all too often now. But he now loves sleeping on his tummy and it's so so cute.

Campbell is a slobbery monster. He isn't teething (that i can tell) but MAN, the drool is strong with this one. His shirts, fists, blankets, and the arms of anyone holding him all constantly sopping wet, and we all tease that it's his way of staying cool in this AZ heat. He may be slobbery, but he's so cute, especially in his little bib-danas that I put him in to try and save his outfits from being soaked.

Just a few days ago we celebrated my birthday, and it was great spending the day with just my little family. I had some alone time in the morning thrift shopping, and then we went to lunch and got sushi, and then took the kids to a movie. After the movie, we went bowling and then dropped both kids with Lorri and Gregor and Alex and I headed to, you guessed it, a baseball game. It was their 4th of July game, so there was a cool t-shirt giveaway, and a huge firework show. It was so fun, we got yummy yummy food, which we don't usually do, and Alex surprised me with a Churro Dog- a long john doughnut, cut like a hotdog bun, and then they fill it with a churro, topped with vanilla frozen yogurt, whipped cream and sprinkles. Totally perfect for a birthday treat! Top the day off with the fact that the DBacks smoked the Rockies, and I'd say it was a pretty excellent day.

We celebrated the 4th with our typically tradition of a big family pool party and BBQ. It was so stinking fun this year, and I'm just so glad to have all my friends and family close to celebrate together!

Cam is the light of my life, the sweetest baby boy, so stinking handsome, and just the best addition to our family.