Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Update!

Guys, life has been crazy, okay? Don't be mad at me for not posting since june, okay? I have lots of cute pictures to make up for it, okay? Okay!

Super quick recap of our summer goes as follows:

I turned 24. I spent the day nomming on the normal freebies, getting a pedicure (Thanks Grandma!), house hunting, bowling with family, and just trying to stay out of the heat!

Fourth of July. We did the typical BBQ at my parents house. We had yummy food, swam, and blew some stuff up. Izzy wasn't too sure about the fireworks, but she did like the sparklers :)

Packing packing packing. We found a house we love, and so we spent the majority of July packing up our house. (more on this later :)

St. George. My grandma owns a timeshare in St. George, and always invites the whole family out to enjoy a fun week in Southern Utah. It's so great to see cousins and aunts and uncles, and we were so happy cuz Alex was able to come with us for a few days! We saw shows a Tuachan, ate at all the yummiest Utah spots, hiked, swam, went to the temple, played so many games, and relaxed! Izzy seemed to grow up so much on this trip. She started saying lots of words, and just is looking more and more like a toddler and less and less like my baby! She's seriously a riot.

After we got home from Utah, it was go time! We had to say goodbye to our first house, our friends in San Tan and to the best ward I've ever known! We got everything packed and cleaned and signed and notarized and we were able to get a simultaneous close on both homes, which was SO NICE. We decided that since there were a few renovations we wanted to do, it would be easier to accomplish all of that if we weren't living in the house, so we were bunkered down at my parents house for a few weeks. They are both real life angels, and I honestly don't think we would have half of the things done in the new house if my parents weren't there t help and babysit and keep my chin up when things got discouraging. We painted almost every single surface in the new house, replaced light fixtures, took down built in shelves, and a few more little things. We had so much help every day, and I'm so thankful to everyone who was able to help us! We moved in, and spent the first few weeks unpacking and organizing and getting settled. It's been 4 weeks, and we have basically everything done! All the boxes are unpacked!! And we just have a few more pictures to hang on the walls, but other than that, we are feeling right at home and we couldn't be happier here. Alex's short commute is the best thing in the world, and being 5 miles from my best friends and my family is incredible. I will do a post on our whole house in a few weeks once everything is done and I can get some pictures taken, cuz I know the grandmas that are out of state are dying to see it :)

Like I said, Izzy is growing up so fast. She is speaking SO much. Here is a list of words she can say:
Momma, dada, grandma("maw-maw") , papa, nana, Izzy ("sissy"), Up, down, out, bed, nap, car, home, snack ("Nack"), treat ("teet"), okay, no, yes, book, shoes, moon, rock, teeth (she is obsessed with brushing her teeth, and would do it all day if i'd let her), cheek, toes, eyes, nose, mouth, trash can (she loves throwing her diaper away after we change her, and will cry if I throw it away for her) , diaper change (she's getting to the point where she knows that she has a wet/dirty diaper, and will say "Die-change" and go lay down by the box where I keep her wipes and diapers and wait for me to change her!), Flower, cloud ("Clouw"), tree, ice ("Ith"), High chair, wow (she usually says this while we are in the light section at Home Depot... she's obsessed), fan (She's also obsessed with fans and will wave to every single one she sees), soda ("Doh-dah"), Pooh Bear, Blueberry, cheese, watermelon, Jake (like from jake and the neverland pirates--her fave), duck, star (Except she calls it an "Up-uh" cuz we always sing twinkle twinkle little star and when we say "up above the world so high"... and she has connected the two. It's seriously one of my favorite baby words she has), and probably a few more that I can't remember/forgot to write down on a note on my iPhone.

She is learning more and more words every day, I can barely keep up!

 She can make animals sounds for a horse, cow, dog, bird, lion/tiger. She can point to her nose, eyes, ears, mouth, head, toes, elbows and belly button (and will point them all out on me and daddy too!)

I'm amazed everyday at how much she is speaking. Only a few times has she put two words together. For example, she will say "Papa. Car" and go knock on the garage door, and I know that she wants to go to grandma and papa's house. Or she will say, "Mama, Down" and She wants to get down from her high chair. It's so nice that she can communicate so well so early. It definitely helps cut down on the amount of tantrums we have.

We love to go to the library for story time, and we usually spend a good amount of times coloring and I probably read every book we have 3 times every day. She loves reading and playing. She is always stacking blocks, or playing with her Little People Disney Princess castle. She dances, and shakes her little booty to any and all music, she will run and give my the best hugs and kisses randomly throughout the day and it seriously melts my heart. She loves to wave to strangers and give people high fives and knuckles, but once she gives one person knuckles, she has to do it to basically everyone in the room. Hilarious. She is still taking 2 two hour naps, and usually sleeps from 8:30-7:30. She does the funniest thing where she will say "bed bed" and I'll say "do you want to go to bed/take a nap?" and she will shake her head yes, and so i will say "okay go to your room" and she will run off towards her room and wait by her crib. I plop her down in, and she snuggles up to her stuffed animals and her favorite blankie, I put on her little music box and she waves at me and says "Nigh-nigh". and then she goes down. No fuss. It's incredible. She is in size 3 diapers, size 18m-2T clothes, but definitely still fits in size 9m-12m. She is 21 pounds and 32 inches tall. She loves her daddy, and will immediately call for him in the mornings and when she wakes up from naps. We've been suffering with a horrible eczema flare and it's been causing us lots of stress and tears. Poor girl has a really terrible rash all over her whole body, but her cheeks and arms are the worst. She scratches til she bleeds, and will say "Itchy" and "owie" when she scratches, and it breaks me. I hate seeing her suffer and knowing that there isn't much I can do about it is such a helpless feeling. We finally saw a Ped Derm today and hopefully we can get everything taken care of.

There's not much else to report, but I hope that now that we are settled in, I can get more updates up, and more frequently. Izzy is such a fun little thing, and this stage really is the best ever. She is so fun, and active and has such a big personality, I want to do a better job at remembering and writing down all her little nuances and funny stories. I'm beyond blessed to be her momma. I love her more than I even know how to express, and my heart is so full.

I love you, Izzy Paige <3