Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall Update

I'm slightly annoyed at myself that I have let these updates become fewer and father between. I love having these little posts to look back on, and remember how stinking cute my kid is ;)

So when we left off last time Summer was over, we had moved into our new house and we were getting everything settled. Now we are completely moved in, every box is gone, and I can confidently say that things are actually really organized. I feel like most everything in our house has a spot, and since the house is smaller, I do MUCH better at keeping things in their place, and we keep things clean and organized, and it just feels so good. I think the ONLY thing I miss about the old house was all the room I had to decorate for the holidays. In the new house, I only have one little table in our entry way, and it's cute, but you don't see it unless you are walking in the front door. So most of the house feels pretty lacking in holiday spirit. But I'm doing the best I can, and I'm actually having thoughts of trying my hand at some woodworking, and making some cute selves for the sides of our TV to give me just the tiniest bit of decorating space.

We started out September with a fun little girls weekend with Hope. The boys usually have a few LAN parties a year, and then we usually seize the opportunity to go out for the whole day and pamper ourselves and splurge on things we wouldn't normally do. So hope and I hit up Goodwill for some early morning thrifting (something we are both immensely fond of. Check out her most recent post on thrifting here). I was able to score this amazing Cardinals Jersey for Izzy to wear since football season has started! She looks so stinking cute in it, and to think it was only $1!! After goodwill, we headed to a second favorite spot where we can be found quite often--As You Wish! We had a couple projects to do, and so we braved the painting place alone, with two babies... And yes, it was as insane as it sounds. But we did get our pieces done, and they looked great! We then went SHOPPING! At NOT the thrift store! Haha, it was so nice! Izzy is the cutest shopping buddy, and I just loved having a whole day with some of my favorite people!

The next weekend Izzy and I decided to do something extra special. We were lucky enough to join my dad for his wards Daddy Daughter campout! He is Elders Quorum President and had to go anyway, and he wouldn't normally have anyone to go with him, but since we didn't have anything going on, I wanted to take advantage of a fun weekend with my dad! We camped just outside of payson, but we first stopped and ate at the yummiest mexican little hole in the wall restaurant, I'm so glad my dad introduced me to it! When we got to the campsite, we got set up pretty quick, and then went on a mini adventure and found a wild orchard! There were apple trees and blackberries and it was so so cool. The apples were perfectly ripe, and so yummy! But the berries were so sour still. haha! We had a yummy dinner, played in the dirt, had a fire, a special little program about dads, and then hit the hay. Izzy loved being outside non stop, and did INCREDIBLE sleeping in a tent. We wore her out pretty good. She literally fell asleep on my lap while eating an empanada, and then I was able to change her diaper, get her in her jammies, and kinda sorta brush her teeth, and she didn't even stir. Haha, she slept all night and didn't even budge, even though there were super noisy elk outside our tents bugling all night!! So crazy cool, but also a tad bit annoying! haha! In the morning Izzy just immediately wanted to play in the dirt! We ate some yummy breakfast burritos (my dad is the master chef!) and then just slowly started packing up and getting ready to head home. It was just such a fun weekend, and I want to take a quick second to say how much I love my dad. He is honestly one of the hardest working men I know. He never thinks about himself, and is always putting everyone else before himself. He is seriously hilarious, and so reliable. I love talking to him, and hearing all his stories, and learning everything I can from him. This weekend with him and Izzy was really special for me, and I'm so so glad we were able to have that time together!

We celebrated Grandma's birthday in october and that was super fun! We spent the whole day with her and just had a really fun time. I love seeing my mom as a grandma. She's incredible and izzy is seriously so blessed.

So Izzy's speech has just EXPLODED these last few weeks. I honestly cannot even keep track of how many words she knows. I was trying to keep a list, but I know just as soon as a post it, she will add 10 new words the very next day. Her current (as of 11/9/15) favorite words are "Luh-You" (I love you... this one melts me!) "bless you" (she says this IMMEDIATELY after someone sneezes, hiccups coughs, or burps!) "totally", "awesome" "cool" "cute" "doggy" "Franklin" "Elmo" "Pooh Bear" "Color" "Mom" "Blankie" "Neigh-Neigh" (horse), "Blocks" "Bus" "Airplace" "Ous-oh" (outside) "Ketchup" "Noodles" "Cheese" "Park" "grass" "slide" "swing" "bum" "climb" "Shoes" "socks" "Hair" "eyebrow" "Eyelash" "Elbow" "Kiss" "Jesus" "Amen" "Doh-Doh" (soda)... Guys I could seriously go on and on and on! She pretty much knows all the foods, most body parts, All animals and their noises, she can name all the members of our families, She knows how to fold her arms, and then say "amen" after a prayer, she knows articles of clothing, her toys, things she wants ("bubbles" "outside" "color" "Snack") And it's soooo nice, she really truly does communicate so well. And it's not just baby talk that I'm kinda understanding, she speaks really clearly and I don't know anyone who can't understand her *Insert praise hands emoji* I think something that helps is that if she hears a new word, she will always try and repeat it. Like this morning, I told her to come snuggle and thats a newish word for her, and so she tried to say it, and at first it sounded like "nuudds" but then she kept saying it and now it's "nuggle". It's so fun that she speaks so much, and I just love her little voice, I could just eat her!

Something that took me completely by surprise was that she can recognize ALL the letters of the alphabet! I didn't even know she could do this! I wasn't trying to teach her the letters or anything, but one day she was spending the afternoon with Nana (my mother in law) and I got a text saying that she had handed Izzy a letter cookie and it was the letter M and when Izzy saw is she immediately said, "EM!" it was amazing, and then I just started to quiz her with our different Alphabet magnets. I went in a completely random order, and she was able to recognize the letters D, M, O, X, T, N, L, A, B, C, and Y. And then, over time, we just kept reading and singing the alphabet, but not pushing the whole recognition of them, but then the other night, we quizzed her again and she knew them ALL! Like what?! it's so fun.

Halloween was a BLAST and a Half! Back story of our costumes-- We went to Spain for Christmas when I was pregnant with Izzy, and my mom bought us a tiny Flamenco dress and we knew it would be perfect for her second Halloween. I wanted us to all match, so we decided that I would be a matador, and Alex would be a bull, and izzy is (obviously) the dancer. And guys, it just turned out so cute. My mom is a saint for helping me with my jacket and pants! I honestly would not have looked half as cute without her help! We did tons of trick or treating, two ward parties, and a community thing down on Main Street which was a blast, we went to a few parties, and then went to a block party on halloween night. Izzy was a PRO at trick or treating. She wasn't even afraid of a man dressed up as a Zombie! He scarred me... and she was just like... uhh can i has candy now? Haha, she's obsessed with her bucket of candy... she wants to eat all the M&M's in the world. And i'm pretty sure she is still on a sugar high.

Something that is fun about Izzy is that she is absolutely OBSESSED with being outside. Like, it's the first thing she asks for in the morning and she will run to the back door, and bang on it until i let her outside. She loves drawing with chalk and she shovels rocks into a little bucket and loves to feed Franklin. And even if she's been outside for HOURS, she will cry and cry when it's time to come in. We try to go on a walk and to the park every day. She loves it, and since the weather is just gorgeous, I don't mind it at all.

Some other obsessions are books. we read all day, every day. She wants to watch Pooh Bear or Elmo on her iPad. She needs to have a toy (usually her whale or her xylaphone) while we are in the car. She likes to push the stroller or cart rather than sit in it. She has to point out every single bus, pumpkin, flower, rock, bird, dog... ect that we see. She is constantly talking, singing, and jabbering. She immediately starts dancing anytime she hears the tiniest bit of music.

I don't know what I did to deserve such a fun and smart little girl. I'm obsessed with her and I can't believe I'm so lucky to get to hang out with her every day. We have so much fun, and I just really do love every moment with her. I can't wait to experience the upcoming holidays with her! I know that this year is going to be so special!