Tuesday, November 14, 2017

October Update - Cam Eight Month

Hey, look! This blog is only 1 week late! #killingit I'm really making an effort to be more on top of my life. October was such a blast and also such a blur. I'm astonished that we are already half way through November... WHAT! Where did 2017 go?

Anyway, we started out the month with lots of play dates and time outside. It wasn't necessarily fall weather yet, but it wasn't sweltering either. Cam and Izzy both love Riverview park, and we spent plenty of nights having picnics and playing on the slides! Both kids also love riding in our little wagon, and we went on lots of morning walks together. Cam sits in his Bumbo and just thinks it's the best thing it the world sitting and riding right by his sister.

Cam can now crawl like a crazy person. He is so fast, and it's hilarious how he chases after what he wants. He can also sit himself up in 2 seconds and Izzy loves having a playmate, even if he mostly just slobbers on everything.

Along with sitting himself up, he has started pulling himself up on things, especially his crib. It startled me when I walked in to find Cam like this:

He thinks he is hilarious, and the funniest part is that he gets up, and it so proud of himself, but then he doesn't know how to move or even get down, so he just gets scared and starts to whimper until someone saves him. I know soon enough he will be walking along every piece of furniture we have, so for now, I kinda love that he's too afraid to move. And hey, maybe it means he will be a cautious little boy.

For my mom's birthday we spend the weekend up in Sedona. We went on a little hike, and spent time in the pool at the condo. We played outside all day and the kids loved all the fun parks. We ate super yummy food and just spent the whole weekend as a family. It was really nice that everyone schedules were free and we all were able to be up there with Mom. I especially loved going on a motorcycle ride with my dad through Oak Canyon! It would have been a perfect weekend, but poor Cam got so sick and it was so hard since we were in such a small condo and we didn't have any medicine or a humidifier, or anything and we had one rough night, and I just knew he would be happier at home. But my amazing parents offered to keep Isabel for the rest of the trip, and she had such a fun time. It was best for all of us since I could give all my attention to poor Cammer, and Izzy wasn't around the sickness. Cam started to feel better once we got home and had his rocking chair, and humidifier and lots of time to snuggle with his mom!

Halloween was a blast and we did tons with the kids. Mom and I took the kids to IHOP for monster pancakes and then we went to Trick or treat on Main Street which is always so fun! Izzy was the sweetest Ariel, and last minute we decided to get Cam a little skeleton costume! We met up with Alex for $3 Chipotle BOOritos, and then headed back to moms to get set up for our annual halloween potluck. We all get together and pass out candy and have yummy treat and just hang out all together in my moms front yard. Both sets of grandparents come, and Izzy has a blast passing out candy. I think she loves that more than trick or treating herself. The best tradition of all though, is getting to ride around on Papa's Rhino to all the best houses in the neighborhood. She loves it so much.

We recovered from Halloween by spending some days at home just hanging out together, and eating as much candy as we could handle.

Cam is at such a fun stage. He is so animated and giggly. He has the funniest laugh where he sounds like a dolphin, and it kills us. Izzy is the one who makes him laugh the most. He claps and plays patty cake and beats his hands on any surface he can reach. He will raise his hands up high in the air when you say "SO BIG!" or when you get the the "Throw it in the oven" part of patty cake. It's hilarious. He is babbling all day long, and mainly says "bababa" or "mamama" it's so fun. We love our sweet boy, and can't believe how big he is getting!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

September Update - Cam Seven Month

Every month I say that I will do better and get Cam's blog up on time. And every month, I am scrambling to upload some content 2 days before it's time for me to write the next blog post. Cam turns 8 months on monday... So I really need to post about month 7. I'll do better next month... maybe...

September was so so fun, but incredibly busy. We started out the month finding out that Alex was going to be switching jobs. For the last 3 years he has been working at General Dynamics in their finance department. That job was a huge blessing, and we loved that he had friday's off! We definitely would have been happy at that job for a long time, with the exception that there wasn't a whole lot of room for growth with that company, and so we were kinda feeling stuck. In an attempt to have some leverage with HR and with talk about a salary bump, Alex starting going to interviews with other companies. Well, he was very well liked at a company called MUFG (Japan's largest bank) and they offered him a position and compensation that GD couldn't even come close to matching. So we sadly said goodbye to fridays off, but said hello to bank holidays and better benefits. It's been a few weeks now, and I really do think that the job switch was a good idea. I'm grateful for Alex and all the hard work he does to provide us with such a wonderful life.

Cam has always been a fun, happy, easy going baby, but this month I feel like his little personality just exploded. He Is so fun to tease and joke around with. He loves peek-a-boo, especially with Izzy, and loves when someone is holding him, and someone else tries to "get him" by chasing him and trying to poke or grab at his little belly; it's the best game. You know he loves someone or something because all his limbs just go crazy. He kicks and flails and squirms around in excitement, and it's the most adorable thing. An especially favorite time for Cam is bath time. The second he touches the water he goes full blown water park mode and kicks and splashes with the intent to soak the entire bathroom. It's hilarious, and obviously encourages Izzy to do the same thing, so don't try and bathe my kids unless you wear your swimsuit.

In his short 7 months on earth, Campbell has done a lot of traveling, and this month he added Orlando to his list of destinations.  He was an absolute champion, and I loved every minute with him. He makes everything 100x more fun, and just like with Izzy, I love watching him experience new things and just take in the world around him. He was a trooper and even while cutting his first tooth he was a joy and a delight to have with us. You can read about our whole trip here.

When we got home from Orlando, Cam had a few more firsts. He learned his first sign in baby sign language, and can now sign when he wants more of something. It's so adorable, and Izzy just loves asking to say more over and over again. He also loves sitting in the shopping cart, especially at Costco where he can sit next to his favorite person in the world, his sister. He loves getting ogled at by all the old people at the store and I love having his cute face to accessible for kisses!

Right at the end of the month Cam began army crawling with vengeance. He is so fast and can get to anyone or anything that he wants . Izzy thinks it's hilarious and loves trowing toys for Cam to chase after. They play on the floor together all day long and it's the most wonderful thing. I love when babies can crawl and get around, the only bummer is how dirty and dingy they always are while they are constantly rolling around on the floor. Thank goodness for oxyclean.

It's been another amazing month with our boy and I am loving every new stage and am soaking it all up as much as I can. It really does go so so fast. We love you CammaLammaJamma <3