Friday, January 10, 2014

Baby Woes

Yesterday I went to Babies R Us with my mom and sister and we had a grand ole time looking at all the wonderful products. So many adorable things. From car seats to bouncers to changing tables. Did you know changing tables could be cute? I didn't. But just go to Babies R Us and be swept away by the adorableness.

Don't even get me started on the the clothes they have there. I mean I could spend more on this little girls wardrobe than I have ever spent on mine... Luckily Grandma Davis is already on top of spoiling Baby Girl. Yay Grandmas!

But the thing is all of the cuteness comes at a price... A really large, gut wrenching, awfully expensive price. It's depressing really. I just want all the cute baby things. Is that really too much to ask?

Here is my wish list so far... I will list the items and then give you a grand total... and then we can cry together, okay? Okay.

Baby Trend Travel system is $213.99 on amazon. We love this stroller because of the big bicycle wheels and, the great turning ability and the fact that it's a jogging stroller means that it maneuvers wonderfully over all different kinds of terrain. I also love the color. Not too girly, not too boyish. Perfect for all our kids. Love it. Also the car seat that comes with it has the awesome triangle handle that makes carrying the baby so so easy and comfortable. This is the stroller we will get no matter what. 

I love this bouncer. It's the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. And it's $89.00 on amazon. It's so cute and colorful and has so many fun little toys attached to it. I also like that it is open on the bottom and they can just bounce bounce bounce! I love how it looks so much better than the ones that are plastic all on the bottom, ya know. 

This is the S1 Pack 'N Play by Safety 1st. This one is from Babies R Us and its $129.89. This things that I like the best about this is it's bassinet feature. I love that there is a removable little rocker that i can carry around where ever I am and the baby can be super comfy. I also love the little changing area attached to side so that in the middle of the night, i can easily pick her up and change her without running around the room. and that's where the side little organizational part comes in super handy. I just really love it. 

I don't even know if i can talk about this chair without getting sad. I love this glider so so much. It glides and swivels around 360 degrees which makes getting up with a sleeping babe in your arms so much easier. This beautiful glider is from Potter Barn kids... and are you ready for the price of this bad boy? oh man. the chair alone is $849. and then to get the matching foot ottoman is an extra $399... see why i want to cry? $1248 for a chair for my baby to spit up in... trust me, i understand how insane it is. But it also doesn't stop me from checking the vending machines for extra change to try and save up for this beautiful masterpiece. 

This is the bedding I am currently looking at, but it could change in the next few months. I know i do want to use the colors grey and purple. I love that it isn't overly girly. I've never been into frilly pink baby girl stuff. So I think a soft purple is the perfect option. This bedding set from Babies R Us is $189.99. I know that it can be way cheaper, but in a perfect world, where I could get everything I want, this is what I would choose. 

I love the look of a smile white crib. I like this one from Wal-Mart. It's pretty cheap compared to everything else. This is probably the least stressful purchase we will have to make. It costs $149.98. I think it will look so great with purple and grey bedding.

This is my favorite swing. Soft neutrals, pretty melodies and different swing settings. I love that you can rock side to side or back to front. I found this on amazon and it costs $139.00

Well there you have it. Okay, are you ready for the grand total?


Good Heavens.

Now, before y'all start going crazy and saying how dumb I am and whatnot let me say that by no means do we plan on buying all of these things brand new. I am aware that craigslist and goodwill and DI and garage sales and amazing places to find baby items at the fraction at the cost. And that gives me hope that our baby won't have to sleep on the ground and be pushed around in a $15 baby doll stroller. haha This is just my dream baby wish list :)

Anyways I am off to look at nursery boards on Pinterest and do more research on baby bottles and breast pumps. Life of a first time mom. Glamorous I tell ya ;)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Halfway Point Update & A Special Surprise

Excuse me while I have a little dance party.


Now don't get me wrong, I have actually LOVED being pregnant. It's been really easy for me, and I love knowing that I am creating a life, and that this is the best calling I have on this earth.

But, being halfway done means that I am just that much closer to meeting our sweet little baby. And that is so exciting!!

So I think it's time for a little pregnancy update.

How Far Along?
I'm exactly 20 weeks today :)

How Am I Feeling?
I'm still feeling great! All pickiness with food has gone away completely and I am definitely able to eat veggies and not want to die. Haha. And I'm still sleeping well at night, well besides having super obnoxious jet lag that wakes me up at 3:30 am. But once the jet lag goes away i'm expecting to still be able to sleep well through the night at least until the 3rd trimester. I'm super happy and optimistic about everything and I'm just enjoying this time to relax and be a little selfish, cuz heavens knows that will all change very quickly.

How Big Is Baby? says that baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. Baby is also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel — about the size of a banana. 

I am happy to report that I still haven't passed my pre-pregnancy weight. I lost those 11 pounds in the beginning, and so far i have gained back 10 of those pounds. So i'm sure that in the next update I will have finally started to gain "baby weight" But for now i'm happy to still technically be -1 lbs. YAY.

What Do I Miss?
I miss my regular pants.. well no that's not true because freaking maternity pants are so dang comfy. But I do miss the selection of clothing i had before. And if it weren't for my blessed mother, I wouldn't have anything to wear besides pj's. I went to the mall with my mom a few weeks ago and she suggested we go into Motherhood Maternity. I wasn't planning on buying anything, because Ross is more affordable my style. but I tried on some super cute capri's and some leggings and a dress just to see how i liked it, and my darling mom BOUGHT IT ALL. She's the best. 

Like I said before I have been blessed with an amazing pregnancy, and I've still been so healthy. While we were in Spain, I had one terrible night of throwing up, but it was over quickly and relatively painless. I have also been experiencing some round ligament pain that has made it pretty painful to walk around but since I just stay at home most of the time, I have been able to relax and spend time on the couch doing fun things like blogging and catching up on Law of Order. Good times all around. 

I've been craving Jamba Juice a lot. and I'm still just loving rice and potatoes and pasta. Yay Starch. :) But I am also able to eat salads and healthy things a lot more easily than before. 

Highlights of the Week?
We had an ultrasound appointment on monday and Alex conveniently had the day off, so he came with me and we were able to find out the gender!!
I won't keep you in suspense any longer. We will having a baby GIRL!!! 
We couldn't be any more excited! Now it's time to start thinking about names and nursery colors and what not. I'm so excited to be having this little lady!