Saturday, April 15, 2017

March Update - Cam One Month

Picking up where we left off from the birth blog, we wanted to leave the hospital asap, and luckily our nurses were super accommodating and did all they could to get us out the door, which was very nice. We headed home, and just quietly enjoyed some time alone with our tiny little family.

This last month has flown by. I feel like time goes fast with a newborn anyway since they are changing so rapidly, but when you have a toddler also, and your attention is split between two small people, the time seems to go twice as fast. Cam already seems so big, and I feel like I didn't capture enough pictures and videos of him as a tiny little newborn! But ever since I got my new Google Pixel, it's been so nice because I have unlimited photo and video storage so I can record and document as much as I want!

But luckily, we did get newborn pictures taken with the amazing Sally Whetten! She is amazing, and I love these sweet images she was able to capture!

Alex didn't get any real paternity leave, but his new position at work allows him a lot of flexibility and the ability to work from home, which was nice in the early days so I could have him get up and get Izzy dressed and fed, while I slept. Or he would hold Campbell while I showered, and got ready so I could feel more like myself. 

I know I talk about how much family support we have, and how nice it is to live so close to everyone, but man, it is even more true after having a new baby. We had so many visitors and helping hands. My mom, sister and grandma would come over and clean my house, and hold Cam, and play with Izzy and let me rest and recover. Friends brought dinner, cleaned my kitchen, folded my laundry and kept me company. My in laws had us over for meals, let us nap, entertained Isabel, and loved on Campbell. I attribute so much of my speedy recovery and happy postpartum attitude to being so close to my family and having such an amazing support system. I'm grateful for all the meals, all the service, and the good relationships I'm able to surround myself with. 

I never want to forget how much Izzy loves her little brother. From the second they met, she's been beyond smitten. She will sing him lullabies when he cries, and pat his back when it's time to burp him. She loves to touch noses with him, and say "You're so handsome buddy!", "Look at those big eyes!" "He's so awake mom!" "I love you CamBam!" "Hi Brudder! You're so cute bubba!". She will wrap her arms around his head and say "I'll protect you Brudder!" If she hears even the smallest peep from him, she jumps up and wants to go comfort him and hold him and give him his bink. She loves to lay next to him on his blankets, and hold and 'help' us carry him in is carseat. She will start the music on his swing, and sit and so lovingly just watch him swing. She gets him toys all day long and will say "When he is bigger, he will play with me, and I will give him my toys!" and she always is telling people "my brudder doesn't talk very well! I will have to teach him!" I'm so proud of Izzy and how amazingly she has adapted to the role of big sister. She is so sweet to baby Cam and I just love to watch the two of them together!

We got out of the house quite a bit, and while I have to be more prepared going out with 2 kids, it hasn't been nearly as hard or chaotic as I imagined. We went to the zoo a few times, once with my mom and grandma, and another time with my mom and Hope and Ander. We also had lots of picnics and park days. The weather is just incredible this time of year, and I could not pass up any opportunity to get out and enjoy it. 

Baby Cam is a great sleeper, he gives me a good 4.5-5 hr stretch at night, eats for 20 minutes, then sleeps for another 3-4 hours. It's miraculous. He hates his carseat, unless we are driving, and we have to be driving fast. He usually quiets down once we hit 40mph. I tease that he is going to grow up to be a Nascar racer or something cuz he loves being speedy. He loves to be held, and specifically loves the football hold, facing out to look around and see whats going on! He likes our solly wrap and I love it too! I didn't have any type of carrier with Iz, but I'm loving being able to be hands free with Cam. Nursing is going GREAT! We have had absolutely 0 issues - no pain, cracks, bleeding, nothing! His latch is wonderful, and he just guzzles everything down like a champ. He burps easily, and rarely spits up. I can pump, and he will take a bottle no problem, which allows me some freedom and flexibility. We've gotten a couple sleepy laughs and smiles and it's the best, and I can't wait for it to start happening more and more! 

We are all in love over here, having a family of 4 is just amazing. We adore our little boy!