Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The 10th Month

I am sitting in wonderful silence. Baby is asleep by 8:45, and Alex is as church basketball. The house is clean, and so am I! I was able to shower and tidy up the house, AND watch the baseball game! Pretty awesome tuesday night if you ask me. And since I still have plenty of evening ahead of me, I figured I should take a few minutes to *finally* write out her 10 month blog post... especially considering the fact that I only have 6 more weeks until her first birthday... (insert 10000 sobbing emojis here) I feel like these last few weeks have just morphed together into one super long day. We are always on the go, and the days fly by so fast and before I know it, 3 weeks has gone by and Izzy is practically walking, is babbling non stop and is blossoming into the cutest and most fun little toddler you ever did see.

March was a super fun month. The weather was beyond gorgeous all month, and we were able to do lots with family. We started out March with our 4 year anniversary! It was a blast, and we did our best to have a good mix of time with Izzy, and some one on one adult time. We decided that since the weather was just so darn gorgeous, and since Izzy is just at the best age, we would spend our morning at the Zoo! We had a minor set back in the beginning, but thanks to my awesome mom, we were able to fix everything and continue on! Izzy loved the zoo and just being outside and having her daddy all to herself. She rode on his shoulders most of the day, and was as happy as a clam!
see what i did there? ;)

We packed a picnic lunch, and spend a good few hours there, taking pictures, and just soaking up the time as a family. We then planned to meet my mom at Tempe Marketplace to drop Izzy off with her so that Alex and I could have the rest of the day to ourselves. We happily left Izzy, but not without loading up on hugs and kisses, and then drove off to do some shopping together. One store for me: Ross. and then one store for him: Frys Electronics. Haha, we love to wander around together and just goof off. It was really nice to be baby free for a few hours. We then headed to our traditional Anniversary dinner stop, The Melting Pot. I love that we have a tradition that is kinda fancy and really fun. Plus I love how long it takes us to eat. Alex usually scarfs his food down in seconds flat and we have been known to leave sit down restaurants within 30 minutes of being seated... haha But with the fondue, we are forced to slow down, and enjoy each others company for a few hours. 4 courses, incredible food, and the best date a girl could hope for. It was a wonderful date. Plus, Izzy was spending the night with my mom and dad (her first night away from us) so we were able to get a super good sleep! We slept in, went and got breakfast at Kneaders and then did one of our favorite activities: Thrift Shopping! It was 1/2 off saturday at Goodwill so we hit up some stores and scored some of our best items ever! It's always really fun to get a good second hand deal!

We went and met up with Izzy and my family later that day and actually spend the afternoon in the desert going quading and off-roading on the the Rhino. Like I said before, Iz just loves being outside and it was fun to watch her zoom around our little campsite with Papa on the quad.

We were so lucky to have both Great Grandmas come and visit this month as well. GG Karen and Grandma Great (Betty Jo) were both in town for a while and I was so beyond happy that they were able to spend time with their great grand daughter. Izzy loved the attention and I hope that she is able to grow up and gain wonderful relationships with these two incredible ladies.

We went swimming a few times on the warmer days, but honestly it was still a little too chilly, but once we heated up the jacuzzi, Iz was in heaven. She was splashing all around and blowing bubbles. She loves to put her face in and "swim" to someone (basically we put her under and push her to someone else) and she always come up out of the water with a big smile on her face. My little mermaid. It's so fun to have a water baby! I can't wait to spend many many days at my moms pool, and at Big Surf (we have season passes!!!)

March is super fun because we get to celebrate Aunt Abby's birthday and the very next day we get to celebrate Papa Al's birthday! We basically spend two days straight with family, going out to eat and doing fun activities. On Abby's birthday we went to As You Wish and had breakfast at Joe's Farm Grill. and then went shopping and had dinner at Grimaldi's (free birthday pizza... can't beat that!) And for dad'd birthday he also wanted to eat at Joe's Farmgrill and then we took him Top Golf! It was seriously so fun! I love having two days in a row to spend with them and shower them with as much love as possible. Izzy loves her auntie, and her papa so much. I'm so glad that we get to live so close and spend so much time with them!

This month has been so fun and Izzy's personality is exploding. I feel like every day she learns so many new things! I don't know how I got so lucky to be her momma.

  • Izzy does this fake laugh and it basically kills me. She will 'laugh' anytime she hears people laughing. The best is when you will pretend to laugh at her and she will laugh back and you get in the laugh war and it's so funny! 

  • She loves to sing and dance. Literally is there is ever any type of music on she is bouncing to it. She likes to wave her arms and bounce and shake her bum. It's the best. And when she hears people singing she will totally chime in. It's so cute!
  • Along the same musical lines, she loves to play the piano. She instantly gravitates towards any piano that she sees, stands up and will even get on her tippy toes to plink at the keys. She loves to sit on the bench and pound as hard as she can, and then tap really light. It's wonderful to see her experiment with touch and sound. 

  • She loves to eat. Seriously this girl can pack it away. She loves waffles and pancakes, scrambled eggs with ketchup (just like her momma ;) tomatoes, avocado, smoothies, cottage cheese, yogurt, jello, strawberries, veggie straws and pirates booty! She still has yet to turn something down, although she is pretty much over the baby food situation. Any time we try to feed her purees, she pushes the spoon away, but give her real food and she's good to go!
  • She loves tubs and loves to put her hands under the running water and stick her face in it to drink. Hilarious.

  • She does the funniest thing where if she's happy, or excited she shakes her head back and forth so fast! It's so funny! I love it. She especially loves it if someone is holding her and then you run up towards her really fast. It's my favorite!

  • Izzy has a hard core addiction to ice. She will literally reach her hand in your cup and grab it from you. She loves munching it and holding it. She will have blue lips and be shivering and still want more. 
  • She will start clapping her hands the second you start singing 'patty cake' and when you get "throw it in the oven" part she throws her hands up in the air, and it's so cute! 

  • The biggest accomplishment this month has to be the fact that Little Miss took her first steps! We were at home and Alex had a cup of ice, and I had izzy standing up in front of me, holding onto my fingers and we just decided to try and see if she would walk for some ice.... well she did! She took 2-3 little steps by herself, and then when we tried some more she was taking more and more steps. By that night she was walking across the whole living room without help! She has always loved standing and I figured she would be an early walker. It's so fun to watch her toddle around. 
Izzy, I'm more in love with you than ever. You are becoming such a fun little girl, and I'm glad i have you to be my best little buddy every day! 
Xoxo, Mommy