Friday, May 16, 2014

37 Week Update

I figure I better write at least one more update before this little nugget makes her grand entrance into this world. I've been pretty terrible at this whole updating thing. But honestly, not much changes week to week, so I don't want to get too repetitive. So I think that waiting 4-5 weeks between updates helps shake it up a little.

How far along?

37 weeks and 2 Days. I had a dr. appt. yesterday and I'm not dilated yet, but baby is head down, so I'm hoping for some progression in the next week or so.

How am I feeling?

I was just telling my dad how it seems like overnight I have just started to really feel some effects of the pregnancy. All my joints are sore, my back is almost constantly numb, my pelvic bones are sore, my feet are almost constantly swollen. No matter what position I am in i'm uncomfortable. Standing- my feet hurt, sitting-my back goes numb and I can't breath, laying down-my belly pulls and makes my back hurt. Haha, it's pretty bad. But honestly, I don't complain about any of this too much, because I know that it could have been so much worse for a whole lot longer. So in the grand scheme of things I'm still feeling good. I'm still able to do anything I want to do, it may take a little more effort, but I'm capable, so that's nice.

How big is baby?

Baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches.


Oh gosh, I knew that my slow weight gain in the beginning was WAY too good to be true. Everyone kept telling me that I would gain the most weight in my third trimester, especially the last month. And boy were they right. Haha. I've gained a total of 27 pounds. Not horrible by and means, but i'm really excited to get this baby out, and begin dropping weight.

What do I miss?

Well, as I just mentioned, I am not too terribly happy with my physical appearance, and I really really miss working out. I worked out up until I was about 30 weeks along, just walking, or doing the elliptical, but it just got too painful and I knew my body was telling me to take it easy, so I haven't been to the gym for a long time. I am just dying to go to a Zumba class!! Obviously, I won't be able to do much right after she is born, but as soon as I'm able to work out, you'll be hard pressed to find me outside of the gym most mornings!


We kinda had some interesting events last week. I woke up saturday morning and I could barely move my right leg. Stretching my foot, moving my leg, trying to walk, or even have fabric from pants or a dress brush my right side of my right leg was excruciating. I was slightly worried, but i just iced my leg and took it really easy for the next few days. It seemed to only be getting worse every day, and my tuesday I was really getting nervous and I kept having this feeling to just call my dr. and see what the nurses said about it. So I called that morning and explained my symptoms (swollen right leg, sensitive to the touch, no bruising, hurts to lift/move leg) and they expressed that I should go to the ER immediately to make sure I didn't have a blood clot. So I called up my dad and very nonchalantly asked him if he was busy and if he and mom wanted to come and spend the day at the ER with me. Of course, my parents are amazing and they rushed right over to the hospital. We waited for probably 45 minutes before being seen by triage, and then I was taken back into my own room and waited around to see the dr. There was way more sitting around doing nothing than there was actually seeing the dr. but they eventually came in and assessed me and ordered an ultrasound to check for a blood clot. The did an extensive ultra sound of both legs form my thighs down, and turns out I didn't have a blood clot! Great news... the super annoying thing is that they didn't go on to try and figure out what was wrong. They 'determined' it was a muscle spasm (bull crap) and sent me home. it was frsutrating to not have an answer and still be in so much pain and have spent my whole day (and a while bunch of money) in the ER. But it was so nice to have the peace of mind that it wasn't a blood clot and i could relax and get some sleep without worrying about the clot coming loose and dying. 

Woah, so super long story about one silly little symptom... haha, but yeah besides that I have been A-OK.

Side note(5-16-14): it's been a week and a half since discovering the lump in my leg and the having pain. the pain has pretty much gone away but I still have a huge lump in my leg... So I really don't think it was muscle spasm, but i'm glad it's feeling better.


Simple Foods. I have no energy to be cooking. I like frozen meals, cereal, and eating out at this point in the pregnancy. 

Highlight of the week?

  • Lots of fun things have been happening since I last updated. 
  • We toured Labor and Delivery, and got to see where I would be having Baby and met some super nice nurses. 
  • We are almost completely done  with Baby's nursery. We have a crib and a dresser and all her clothes are washed and hung up and put away. I just have to hang a few things and I want to try and find a rug. But once that stuff happens I will do a Nursery Tour!
  • We have been to a few baseball games in the last few weeks, and that is always SUPER enjoyable. Love me some baseball! 
  • We had a pool party/bbq with some dear friends over the weekend to celebrate the beginning of Summer and I thoroughly enjoyed the weightlessness from being in the water. amazing amazing! I can definitely see myself practically living in my parents pool for the next 3 weeks until this baby comes.
  • My mom-in-law and sister-in-law came over on monday to help me with some choir duties (Check out my choir Resonance) and we had a lovely afternoon eating pizza and just chatting. Love them!
  • I've been nesting. Washing everything in sight, and organizing random cupboards and shelves. But i've also been getting my fair share of rest. I probably lounge around for a good 5-6 hours a day. Youtube, Pinterest and Hulu are my best friends. But honestly I just do not have the energy to do much more than that!

I love that we are getting so close to meeting our Little One. Absolutely terrified as well, but mostly excited. The other day we were driving in the car and I told my husband that I wish I could just turn around and see her in the back seat. I want to know what she looks like! I can't picture her yet, and honestly it's still kinda hard to believe that I will be a mom in a few short weeks (I got butterflies just typing that) but I do feel prepared, and I know that this is what Heavenly Father wants us to be doing, and I am so excited to start this new chapter. It helps a lot knowing how excited my husband is. He can't wait to meet his daughter, and it just melts my heart. I know he is going to be an amazing dad. I'm sometimes worried that he will be way better at this parenting thing that I will be. He is so calm and so patient, and loving, and I know that Baby Girl will have him wrapped tight around her fingers. 

Photo/Instagram Update

My Great-Grandpa Campbell passed away, and we attended his funeral services. I had always hoped that he could meet his Great-Great Granddaughter, and it turns out he was lucky enough to meet her in heaven before anyone else. 

We had an amazing Easter, hanging out with family, singing songs, eating amazing food decorating Easter cookies and just enjoying the day, remembering out Savior. 
Date night to the ballpark and a pitstop on Mill Ave. to enjoy our favorite Mexican Pops.

More D-Backs games!

Baseball with my mom and dad

36 weeks along!

my super stylish hospital wrist band.

Thanks for reading this far! The next baby update you see on here will probaly be the one where we have an actual BABY!!! :D :D :D