Thursday, February 8, 2018

January Update - Cam Eleven Month

Did January feel insanely long to anyone else? It seemed to just drag on and on and on. We had lots of fun, and took some time to get back into the swing of things after the holidays, but man, it's hard to believe that it's only the 8th of February... But honestly, what's harder to believe is that Campbell will be ONE YEAR OLD in less than a month. January may have seemed long to me, but this first year with Cam has flown by.

We spent lots of time outside this last month, enjoying the unusually warm "winter" weather. Cam loves parks, and can climb up the playground equipment and find his way to a slide and will do that over and over again to his hearts content. The swings are also a hit with Bubba, and I'm happy to report that after only a few bites of sand, he decided that it wasn't for him, and hasn't eaten any since.

We have had lots of other outings, one to Butterfly Wonderland to visit Auntie who works there, and also to the zoo with our church friends. He loves to look at the world around him, and will sit contentedly in his carrier or stroller for the entire afternoon just admiring the trees, animals, flowers, butterflies, and people. He's a social little bug and loves to wave and smile and babble to everyone.

He got a walker for Christmas and has loved zooming around the house with it. It's the most adorable thing, and I love to watch him navigate around obstacles and zip after Izzy all day long. It's helped him a lot and he took his first steps a few weeks ago at Nana's house. He's still a little timid and won't walk without his walker too much, but I think he will be walking full time here really soon.

He has started to show more interest in toys and books and will sit for long periods of time just examining everything. He likes to knock over Izzy's block towers and swipe all the toys off of his shelves. He loves to chase Franklin, and pull himself up on any sturdy surface he can find. He's so busy and full of energy and smiles.

As always, this month was full of belly laughs and slobber and boogers and snuggles and cute siblings and memories and the best of times with the best little boy in the world. I love him so much, and I'm so glad that he is all mine!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

December Update - Cam Ten Month

Phew! The holidays are over, and we are finally finding our groove again. I've avoided writing this post in hopes that Cam would just stop growing up if I didn't document the milestones... obviously that isn't working, so I am finally buckling down and finishing this post so I can remember how wonderful the holiday season was with two kids.

December was an absolute blast, although I'll admit that it did go by in a bit of a blur. We were really busy, and had something going on almost every single day! But we were still able to have some fun memories as a family. 

We loved the temple lights, and loved seeing Campbell be so enamored by all the colors and lights everywhere he looked. Izzy loved seeing the wise men and their camels and the sweet baby Jesus.

The weather is AZ in December is too good to pass up, so we spent a lot of time outside, playing at parks, going on walks, going to Zoolights and enjoying our backyard. Cam isn't so sure he likes the grass, so he and I would mostly play on a blanket with bubbles or a small ball while Iz tore up the playground equipment. 

Christmas with two kids was an absolute delight, and I loved seeing the magic through their eyes more than anything. Cam and Izzy both looked so nice in their Christmas Sunday outfits, and it was even more sweet to see them in their Christmas jammies surrounded by wrapping paper and boxes, so excited by all the morning magic.

Campbell is in the current stage of GO! GO! GO! He never holds still, would rather die than let you cuddle with him, and loves emptying toy bins more than actually playing with the toys. He loves to drives cars up and down our hallways, and crawls faster that most kids can run. He would eat constantly if I let him, and loves to drink from a straw.

Cam is a great sleeper, and takes 2 killer naps, and sleeps 13 hours at night. He has a hard time sleeping without his sweetest Pooh Bear blankie though. He loves to dance. He thinks his sister is the funniest person in this world, and adores her more than life itself. 

Even though he doesn't like to snuggle, he still is the sweetest baby, and is so easy going. He has a smile and a wave for everyone he meets, and especailly loves Costco trips since he gets to sit next to Izzy, gets free food, and gets smiled at by nearly 378 old people each trip. 

Cam has been teething off and on for a few months, and now has 5 teeth - 3 on top and 2 on bottom. His toothy grin kills me. 

His favorite foods are applesauce pouches, gogurts, fresh berries, oranges, string cheese, bananas, ritz crackers and spaghetti - he still doesn't like cottage cheese or avocado. 

He's a delight and I just love spending my days with him!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

November Update - Cam Nine Month

The holidays have been C R A Z Y and I don't even feel bad that I'm just barely finding time to sit down and type up Cam's 9 mo update.

November was a bit of a blur, between getting ready for Thanksgiving, practicing for all my holiday concerts, and spending as much time as possible with family, we didn't take many pictures, but had  a really great time watching Cam grow and flourish.

Cam is the speediest crawler and gets around the whole house in like 6 seconds flat. He pulls himself up on all the furniture, and pulls toys out and just plays and crawls, and plays and crawls! He does the funniest thing where he will find a toy that perfectly fits in his mouth, and he will keep it there while he crawls around and makes the funniest humming sounds. It cracks me up every time.

Campbell eats EVERYTHING. He basically hates baby purees now, and only accepts the same food that we are eating. He loves noodles, rice, oatmeal, bananas, oranges, quesadillas, toast, eggs, applesauce and anything else we throw at him. He only has hated cottage cheese!

Cam loves music. He loves to play the drums on anything he can, and immediately starts dancing and clapping when he hears music. It's so cute, and I know his love for music will only grow!

Izzy and Cam's love for each other gets stronger and stronger every day. Izzy loves that cam can play with her now and she is really really good at sharing toys and making sure that he never puts any of her tiny toys in his mouth. They are the best and I feel so blessed to be their mom.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

October Update - Cam Eight Month

Hey, look! This blog is only 1 week late! #killingit I'm really making an effort to be more on top of my life. October was such a blast and also such a blur. I'm astonished that we are already half way through November... WHAT! Where did 2017 go?

Anyway, we started out the month with lots of play dates and time outside. It wasn't necessarily fall weather yet, but it wasn't sweltering either. Cam and Izzy both love Riverview park, and we spent plenty of nights having picnics and playing on the slides! Both kids also love riding in our little wagon, and we went on lots of morning walks together. Cam sits in his Bumbo and just thinks it's the best thing it the world sitting and riding right by his sister.

Cam can now crawl like a crazy person. He is so fast, and it's hilarious how he chases after what he wants. He can also sit himself up in 2 seconds and Izzy loves having a playmate, even if he mostly just slobbers on everything.

Along with sitting himself up, he has started pulling himself up on things, especially his crib. It startled me when I walked in to find Cam like this:

He thinks he is hilarious, and the funniest part is that he gets up, and it so proud of himself, but then he doesn't know how to move or even get down, so he just gets scared and starts to whimper until someone saves him. I know soon enough he will be walking along every piece of furniture we have, so for now, I kinda love that he's too afraid to move. And hey, maybe it means he will be a cautious little boy.

For my mom's birthday we spend the weekend up in Sedona. We went on a little hike, and spent time in the pool at the condo. We played outside all day and the kids loved all the fun parks. We ate super yummy food and just spent the whole weekend as a family. It was really nice that everyone schedules were free and we all were able to be up there with Mom. I especially loved going on a motorcycle ride with my dad through Oak Canyon! It would have been a perfect weekend, but poor Cam got so sick and it was so hard since we were in such a small condo and we didn't have any medicine or a humidifier, or anything and we had one rough night, and I just knew he would be happier at home. But my amazing parents offered to keep Isabel for the rest of the trip, and she had such a fun time. It was best for all of us since I could give all my attention to poor Cammer, and Izzy wasn't around the sickness. Cam started to feel better once we got home and had his rocking chair, and humidifier and lots of time to snuggle with his mom!

Halloween was a blast and we did tons with the kids. Mom and I took the kids to IHOP for monster pancakes and then we went to Trick or treat on Main Street which is always so fun! Izzy was the sweetest Ariel, and last minute we decided to get Cam a little skeleton costume! We met up with Alex for $3 Chipotle BOOritos, and then headed back to moms to get set up for our annual halloween potluck. We all get together and pass out candy and have yummy treat and just hang out all together in my moms front yard. Both sets of grandparents come, and Izzy has a blast passing out candy. I think she loves that more than trick or treating herself. The best tradition of all though, is getting to ride around on Papa's Rhino to all the best houses in the neighborhood. She loves it so much.

We recovered from Halloween by spending some days at home just hanging out together, and eating as much candy as we could handle.

Cam is at such a fun stage. He is so animated and giggly. He has the funniest laugh where he sounds like a dolphin, and it kills us. Izzy is the one who makes him laugh the most. He claps and plays patty cake and beats his hands on any surface he can reach. He will raise his hands up high in the air when you say "SO BIG!" or when you get the the "Throw it in the oven" part of patty cake. It's hilarious. He is babbling all day long, and mainly says "bababa" or "mamama" it's so fun. We love our sweet boy, and can't believe how big he is getting!