Wednesday, April 18, 2018

March Update

The weather in March continued to be AMAZING so we kept with our trend of being outside as much as physically possible. The smell of the orange blossoms alone makes you want to be outdoors at all times. We had the best time at the zoo with baby Livy Rey, and Ander and Hope and my mom. The kids were so happy to be free to run, and play and chase birds and play in the splash-pad. I love having a zoo membership and the freedom to be a 'yes mom' and just let the kids lead the way without feeling like I have to do and see everything to get our money's worth. Sometimes we go to the zoo and see only one or two animals, but we play at the slides, run through the water, have a picnic and enjoy the sunshine.

We enjoyed going "bumpity bumptiy" on papa's Rhino and it was a blast. We took the pack and play so Cam had a little safe place to play and Izzy literally never wanted to give up her spot on the Rhino. We played hard, and even ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere and had to wait for my brother to come rescue us! Haha, but there is something about being in the desert, eating homemade sandwiches and cookies and getting all dusty and being with family that makes for some of the best possible weekends I can imagine!

We had the cutest birthday party for Cammer, and when I was planning his party, I had a few ideas as to what theme I wanted to go with, but I asked for Izzy's opinion, and she said that Cam should have a butterfly party. I didn't think that was too bad of an idea, but made it a little more boyish, and added all other types of creepy crawlies to the invite list, and we had ourselves a bug party. I designed a cute invite, and we had a low key little party with lots of fun buggy food and cute decor. Cam loved all the attention and he especially enjoyed his cake! I'm so happy that we have such good friends and family who all live close enough to come and celebrate with us!

Alex and I celebrated our 7th anniversary just a few days before all this birthday fun, and we enjoyed our traditional melting pot dinner, and then i convinced Alex to come to As You Wish with me, and we painted some ice cream bowl, which is perfect since eating ice cream together is one of our very favorite past times. Something fun that we did while driving around the city, was to listen to all of the songs that remind us of our relationship. It was so fun and all the memories associated with the songs came flooding back and i think it will be a new tradition for our anniversaries!

Cam just gets funnier and funnier. He currently loves to hold everything in his mouth. He will put a toy in his mouth and walk around waving his little arms around and I love it so much. The best is when he finds a slightly deflated ball, and will chomp on that and he just thinks it is the funniest thing, and I would have to agree. He also loves to put his head on the ground and put his bum in the air and just stay like that and laugh at himself. I love it. And I'll never stop loving Cam's open mouth kisses. It's the best thing of my life, and I hope it never stops!

Izzy is my biggest helper, the smartest little person I know, and the sweetest big sister. She is constantly astounding me with her big vocabulary, her amazing memory, and her big heart. She's just beautiful, inside and out, and I'm seriously humbled to be her mom. She's currently OBSESSED with the PJ Masks, but I don't even care, because it's so cute to see her run around and use her super cat speed, and use her owl eyes to find something, and use her super gecko muscles when she opens a heavy door. It makes me smile every time, and I'll be sad when she doesn't yell out "Owlette" and stick a cute pose at random moments throughout the day.

Baseball season started, and no one is more excited that Izzy. She loves to watch the games with us, knows the difference between a ball and a strike, loves to clap and cheer and is the Dbacks biggest fan. We are looking forward to lots of games at the ballpark this year!

We enjoyed Auntie and Papa's birthday weekend, with pedicures with the girls, and movies and eating out and lots of love! It was extra fun because we also were celebrating Easter AND General Conference! Crazy! It was cute to watch Izzy hunt for eggs, she is already asking me if it's going to be Easter again soon because she wants to have more egg hunts. Cam loved all the candy that was lying around and I simply enjoyed all the family time.

We love March in Arizona! <3

Monday, April 16, 2018

February Update - Cam Twelve Month

I've fallen behind in my posts, but I still wanted to make sure that I was able to fully document Campbell's first year. February was short, but it was chalk full of fun stuff. February weather was GORGEOUS. It finally got a little chilly (for AZ standards at least) and I made it a priority to get outside almost everyday.

Cam was full blown walking at this point and it was really impressive to see him perfect his walking skills at all the different parks on all the different terrains. He loves to climb and it's terrible because he has no fear and will go right to the edge of the play equipment and then when you run towards him just in case he falls, he gets so excited and starts to jump around and almost always will lose his balance and it's so scary, but he hasn't gotten hurt yet!

Alex has had the same car since we met over 8 years ago, and it finally bit the dust, and so we had the fun task of purchasing a new (to us) car! He had a Honda Civic, and it served us well for many years, so we kept it simple and just got a nicer and newer Honda Civic.

Around Valentines we did some fun crafts, and baking. Izzy and Grandma and GG and I decorated cupcakes and Cam reaped the benefits hard core. He stuffed that cupcake is his face as fast as he could, and it was hilarious.

Cam's developed a love for books, and every morning he wants to spend a good 30 minutes on the floor reading and playing with his basket of books. His favorites are any Touch and Feel books, "Peek a Who", "Oh my oh my oh dinosaur", and "Are you my mother?". I love reading to him, and usually I get 10 minutes of snuggle/reading time just with Cam, and then Izzy will wake up, and come in a climb up on my lap as well and we will all snuggle and read, and it's the best way to start my day!

Cam has always been a happy guy, and as he grows, he just gets more and more fun and delightful. He's always smiling and waving his arms around and waving at everyone and laughing and just making my life better. Cam also has perfected the open mouth kiss, and it's one of my favorite milestones. He is extra kissy right when he wakes up, or right before bed, and he will snuggle on my shoulder, and then get up and give a kiss, then lay down and snuggle, then get up and give a kiss. He will do this over and over and over and my heart explodes every time.

Since Cam has been walking, his dance skills have taken off. He loves to bounce around and wave his arms and swings them back and forth, and it happens without fail any time he hears any song with a good beat. I love having dance parties with him and Izzy!

It's crazy that he is One and i'm just in awe of the sweet little boy that he has become!