Thursday, May 18, 2017

April Update - Cam Two Month

It is crazy to me how fast time is flying, and how quickly baby features change. I look at pictures of Cam around birth and he just looks so different. He has chubbed up so much and it's just the squishiest little bubba ever!

The month started out by taking Cam to his first movie! We went to see Beauty and the Beast with Izzy and Grandma and Brennan. It was SO GOOD. We really really enjoyed it, but I think Cam was a little bored with it since he slept through the whole thing. We hit up the Disney store afterwards, and Grandma bought Cam his first pair of sunglasses. I die from the cuteness.

Izzy started swim class early in April, and we all loved getting out in the mornings, sitting by the water, and cheering on Big Sister. Cam loves being outside. He just stares around and is so content at all times while we are out and about, that is if he isn't sleeping. If he falls asleep in his carseat, and we are out running errands or something, he will literally sleep the entire time. He's a champion, and makes it very easy to get things done and to get out of the house, which Izzy and I both need in order to keep our sanity.

Campbell basically put himself on a sleep-eat-play schedule, and it is wonderful. he started sleeping though the night! A full 12 hours most nights! It's incredible, and the first few times it happened,  it was terrifying and painful. I woke up in a panic that something must have gone wrong, and I was super engorged, haha. But, I was very much relieved to find Cam, in his bed, just as content as can be. I thought that his full night sleeping might have been a fluke due to a growth spurt or something, but so far, he has been sleeping from about 7:30-7 am for about 2 weeks now.

A contributing factor to his amazing sleeping habits is the fact that he is, in fact, a thumb sucker. It's by far the cutest thing I've ever seen and I adore it. Talk to me when he is 3, and I might say something else, but for now, it keeps him so happy, and it's just adorable.

We enjoyed Easter as a family of four! We had lots of egg hunts for Izzy and lots of family time and snuggles for Mr. Cam. Izzy is just too good at finding eggs, and loves cracking them open as soon as she gets them in her basket.

It warmed up for a bit and we were able to take Cam on his first trip to the lake! He looked so stinking cute in his little swimsuit, and he didn't even mind the squishy life jacket! We did something a little different this trip, and we found a little sandy shore, and pulled the boat up onto the sand and had a beach picnic. Izzy was able to play in the water, Cam could stretch out on a blanket, and the rest of us just enjoyed the wonderful shade and gentle breezes. It was a blast all being out on the water, and I look forward to many more trips to the lake with my family.

Cam loves play time. Right when he wakes up, I feed him and change his diaper. Then I'll lay him a blanket or his playmat, and he kicks and coos and laughs and smiles and looks around and it's such a highlight to my day. I love to just lay next to him and hold his little hands and talk to him and play with him. I can't get over how happy he is all the time. He is just so content and he brings me so much joy.

I love that he sleeps with his hands above his head. I love how he kinda shouts before he sneezes. I love how much he loves his swing. I love how he looks in a tank top onesie. I love having him "kiss" me when I know he is hungry and I put my lips in front of his. I love how tightly he grips my fingers while he eats. I love how much Izzy loves him. I love him so so so much.