Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Third Month

I'm so happy I am finally able to post this. My laptop charger died, and so I have been unable to blog for the last week or so. But I'm ready now, and so excited to fill you in on all of the goings on in the life of our 3 month old.

We started out the month with this sweet little girls baby blessing. We were so lucky to have so many family members come into town to celebrate with us. My sweet Grandma had saved the blessing dress that my mom was blessed in, and then my mom saved that dress for me to be blessed in. And it is so special that I got to save it and bless my first little one in it. My mom also made Isabel some gorgeous little barefoot sandals, and a silk rose headband. And she just looked so beautiful. My friend Ali made Izzy and a gorgeous 'Mommy and Me' bracelet set (get yours here!) and my other dear friend Riley Tyler made Izzy a bracelet out of the same beads that she used to make my wedding jewelry. It was all so special.

All that being said, it was a bit of a hectic morning. We were rushing around trying to get everyone dressed and fed, and making sure Izzy was burped and happy before we left for church. And in all the chaos, once we were at the church building, I realized that I had left her binkie at home. Talk about stress. It was Isabel's nap time, so she was getting fussy, and I was so nervous about her starting to full on cry, but luckily we were able to keep her in good spirits long enough for her to be blessed. Alex gave her a beautiful blessing, blessing her with courage to choose the right, and to learn to have a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. He blessed her that she will be able to use her agency to lead her down the pathway back to heaven, and that she will be able to have the spirit with her always. He let her know how much her family loves her and that we will always be there for her, to guide and support her. It was sweet and simple, just like her. Although, it was hilarious, becuase apparently she was pooping during the WHOLE BLESSING. Just letting out big toots and smiling so big and she relieved herself. We couldn't hear anything over the microphone, but all the men in the blessing circle came away with a good chuckle.

After sacrament, all 41 of our guests came back over to our house for a big, fun, family luncheon. It was crazy, and a little squishy, but thanks to lots of help from my mom and Lorri, it all went smoothly and it was so fun to have all of our friends and family around us.

We did tons of fun things this month. Isabel and I were able to go and have lunch with Dorian and the girls. It was so great to see them, and fun to show off my cute baby. Kennon and Rayna were absolutely smitten with Izzy and Dorian and Chad couldn't stop commenting on how amazing it was so see me as a mom. It's so great to feel like we still have a good relationship even after I've stopped working for them.

We also had the best time taking Izzy to her first baseball game! Oh my gosh, my little momma heart just about burst! Alex and I have always talked about taking our babies to baseball games, and it was even better than I could have imagined! Izzy LOVED it. She was looking around at everything and I thought she would sleep through most of it, but she only napped for about 30 minutes of the whole thing while she nursed. Also, she is totally good luck. On the day she was born, the dbcaks were losing, and then as soon as she came out, the dbacks started getting runs and they ended up winning! So fun, and we totally won this game as well! I love my little Baby Back!

Grandma Debi bought Isabel the most adorable little play mat to play on. It's super bright and colorful and the best part is it has a piano on one end that she can kick kick kick. The first time we put her on it she would not stop smiling and laughing. She especially loves looking at herself in the mirror that hangs right above her.

This month is when Izzy has just gotten so giggly. She isn't quite ticklish yet, but there are moments where if you get her in the right mood, she will just laugh and laugh. And I would bet good money that her laugh is by far the most wonderful sound on this earth.  One of the funniest moments where she was just laughing and laughing was during church the other day. We were singing the closing hymn and she was lying on my lap, looking up and me and Alex. We started singing, and she just started giggling. And the more she laughed the harder it was so sing, and so we would laugh at her, and she would just smile and giggle and it was so funny and cute.

This month we were so blessed to have another sweet friend from heaven come and join the party! My sweet friend Ali had her baby girl, Jade! She is a squishy little bug and we just love her. I can't wait for her and Izzy to get older and start playing together. It's so fun that they are only a few weeks apart!

Somethings I don't want to forget from this month:

The way you have started to hold your hands while you nurse. You clasp your hands together so tight and it's basically the most adorable thing I have ever seen. If you aren't holding your own hands, I usually get to hold your hand, and you hold on to me so tight, and my mommy heart just about bursts.

The way you get scared when you are sleepy. Two times now you have been with Grandpa Alan and he has been trying to get you sleep, and while he is talking to you, you will get kinda slap happy, and giggle for really no reason, but then you will pout and get the saddest little look on your face and start crying, and then laugh a little, and then cry. It's so funny, but sad too.

How much you love swimming. We went swimming from Labor Day, and you just love the water. Your dad has too much fun putting you under the water and making you swim, and you really have no problem with it. You kick your little legs, and love to suck on your hands while they are all wet. You even went down the water slide with daddy! Brave baby!

I think you were going through a growth spurt this month, because there were a few days where you were so fussy and cranky. You are usually a happy little sleeper, but you had a hard time for a couple of days. But it didn't last long and now you are back to sleeping 8-10 hours at night!! But it's also so funny, because you are so wiggly at night, we put you down facing one way, and when I come in to get you in the morning you are always some funky direction!

Proof that life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. haha

Everyone comments on how tiny you still are, and I just love it. You're just a petit little thing, and so skinny. It's so cute! You're still in newborn clothes for the most part, but there are a few 0-3 month things that are beginning to fit. It's fun to slowly have a bit more of things to be able to dress you in.
There isn't anyone who you don't love. You will literally smile at EVERYONE! And one smile from you and their whole day is made. 

You are still really slobbery, and are CONSTANTLY eating your fingers. You don't seem to have a favorite finger(s) yet, but I'm guessing as you gain better control of your hands, you will have a more constant favorite.

You are always wanting to stand up. If we hold your hands, you will stand on our laps or on the ground and just look around and balance and sometimes take little 'steps'. Daddy loves making you 'walk' around and it's so cute. Lots of times if you are crying, we can just sit you up, or help you stand and you get happy immediately. You are such a social little thing, and love to be in on all the action.

I think you have the most gorgeous little profile! I love your sweet little nose, and your perfect lips.

I simply can't believe how fast August flew by! It's starting to cool off (if you consider mid 90's to be 'cool') and I'm just so excited for fall, and Halloween and CHRISTMAS!!! oh all the baby firsts! I can hardly wait. But I will, because I don't want to wish away these days. Every day is so precious to me. I know that time is going to go faster than I would like it to, and so I have to do my very best to preserve it in every way I know how.

I love you Izzy Bee. Thanks for making me a momma. <3