Saturday, July 16, 2011

For the Ones We Love.

Heavens knows I would do anything for my husband.
I would even give up my friday night to play soccer with his co-workers.

side note: i'm no athlete.
i like to be active and run around a kick a ball or play catch. Or even a couple games of H.O.R.S.E

But when it gets athletically competitive... i kinda shut down.

I played anyways, i tried my hardest, and i failed miserably...

i kept a smile on and kept laughing at how pathetic i was because that's what you have to do when you're meeting new people. Meeting new people is like dating all over again. You are dating other couples to see if you would be a good life time match. You have to seen intriguing enough, and fun enough, and clever enough, and talented enough that they will want to call you and plan to go out again... see? it's just. like. dating.

and i hated dating.

but that being said, it's SO worth it.

I know it's worth it because once you find a bond between couples it's life long.

perfect example: Mark and Hope
these two are our best friends. and it worked out just perfect. Mark is Alex's best friend. Hope is my best friend. Hope and Mark are best friends. And Alex and I are best friends... understand?

I love these two sooo much it's ridiculous. and i know it isn't official yet, but i cannot wait til they tie the knot!! :)

So long story short, i would do anything for my husband, even give up my friday night to play soccer with his co-workers.

because then it pays off. Alex plays card games with me on the bed while we watch movies and eat Snack Packs... :)

Night well spent I'd say.


  1. haha :) yep just gotta do the things for your husbands! And we are living at the Verandas :)

  2. Love you too, hun!! (but boo on that picture. yuck!)