Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Grocery Game

Alex and I love going grocery shopping. 

We look forward to tuesday night, looking through the different grocery adds, and circling the best deals. 

We love going to the store, grabbing a cart and hoping that it's not too squeaky. 

We always start in the produce section, then to the breads, then the meats, then pasta, canned goods and cereal.

Sometimes we get adventurous and go to the frozen food section and get some ice cream!! 

We then go and check out and as we are loading the food on to the conveyor belt we both cast out guesses for how much we are going to spend. 

I usually guess about 3 dollars more than alex... and i'm usually 3 dollars  over what we pay. 

Alex ALWAYS wins... a.l.w.a.y.s!!! 

You'd think i'd get smart and start guess 3 dollars less than i think it'll be... well i do. and it doesn't make a difference. 

Alex still guesses the right amount. I'm telling you, it's like his super power is guessing how much we'll spend on groceries.

/sigh. haha well even though i'm terrible that the grocery game it's something that i look forward to every week! 

Oh, another favorite grocery thing is saving more money than you spend! I love it!!! I love hearing that the total cost is "$24.76" and then they circle the little number at the bottom of the receipt and it says, "You Saved $29.54". There is something so exhilarating knowing that your bill could have been $54.30, but instead you saved MORE THAN HALF!!!! :) wooo!! 

haha okay sorry. rant over. 

but truly, it's such a fun aspect of marriage. we're as poor as church mice, and we need to make ends meet, and instead of it being a stressful thing it becomes a game! I love that Alex is so great with money and that he takes such great care of me with budgets and savings accounts. I'm seriously one lucky lady!! 


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  1. Omigosh, I'm so glad someone else plays the grocery game!! Kyle and I always guess about the total. He's usually under and I'm usually over. We seem to win about 50/50. But even the cashier will get into it and she or he will hide the screen so we can't cheat before the end. It's so much fun!