Sunday, July 17, 2011


I had a great weekend. 

I have an amazing hubby who went above and beyond this weekend to make sure i had a darn-tootin' good time.

let me back up. we have been on a tight budget lately... being newly weds and all.. and so i thought that we weren't going to be able to go see the new HP movie until it came out in the dollar theater or on DVD. i mean why spend $15 to see a movie when you could just wait and see it for just $1... 

but Alex knew how badly i wanted to see the movie, and i was thrilled when he walked in the door saturday afternoon and yelled, 
I was sooo excited!!

but before we could go to a movie we had to go to lunch! I couldn't believe that Alex was going to take me to a movie AND out to lunch. But everything made much more sense once we pulled into the Costco parking lot... free samples!!! It's our favorite. 

(although we did splurge and got a churro, pizza and a hotdog... all for less that $4!) 

The movie was great. i cried. (who didn't??) It's crazy that it's over, but it sure has been a fun ride! I can't wait to raise my kids to love Harry, Ron and Harmione just as much as i did...

After the movie it was time for dinner... and what is more perfect than free dinner?? I have my sweet friend Amanda to thank for that. She got married and decided to serve amazing food at her reception that Alex and i gratefully gorged ourselves on!!

So huzzah for moochin!

thank you Costco and thank you wedding reception. 

oh and Heavens knows that we LOVE being invited over to our parents house for sunday dinner! so lovely. 

we are so blessed. 


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  1. There is nothing like being poor and in love! Seriously, some of my all-time favorite memories with Kyle are the two of us trying to buy a week's worth of groceries with $15. Lol. It's fun to figure it out!

    Glad you had such a great weekend!