Saturday, July 2, 2011

feliz cumpleanos.

today i turned 20.

i relaxed.
i partied.
i indulged.
i laughed.
i reminisced.
i bowled.
i loved.
i shopped.

it was so great!

i'm excited for this next year. i hope to progress in a lot of ways.

i want to not take offense to things so quickly.
i want to learn how to better empathise with my friends that are struggling.
i want to better explain how i am feeling to others to that there is not misinterpreting.
i want to show my husband how much i truly love and appreciate him.

working out. it will happen on a regular basis. promise.
i want to have better self confidence.
i want to see myself as beautiful as my husband and my Father in Heaven see me.

i want to read uplifiting words and apply them to my life.
i want to tell my Father in Heaven how grateful i am for all the things He has given me and a much more regular basis.
i want to have a better spirit in my home--i will do this by keeping the house tidy, and finally hang up the picture of Jesus that we got for our wedding.

I also have a lot of fun things that i want to do this next year.
more parites.
more blogging.
more pictures.
more scrapbooking.
more journaling.
more road trips.
more spontaneous baking.
more sewing.
more dancing in the aisles at the grocery store.
more video games (for my husband).
more DIY.
more kisses.
more hugs.
more smiles.
more laughs.
more love.

all in all, i have a lot of optimism for this next year. i'm excited to say the least.

here are some pictures from today. Alex took my bowling, cuz it's basically my favorite thing to do ever. he kicked my bum though. i only won 1 game... and we played 9. hahaha.

 The first game... Alex killed me (he's the bottom 'A' haha)
 I finally won!!! woohoo!!

 Alex also took me to Krispie Kremes for my free 12 doughnuts!! so good... they may or may not be gone already... ;)

Such a good day.

oh and i must include the present alex got me.

he made me a book:

This was probably one of the best presents i could have received! It went through all the stages of our relationship, and his favorite memories from each. :) I was so touched that he would do something so sentimental and sweet. It is something that i will surely cherish for the rest of my life. <3

my friends, family, and co workers made this birthday so great. thank you all for the gifts, and texts and phone calls, and presents, and cards and facebook posts! it was so wonderful. this will be a birthday to remember! :)


  1. I can't wait for MOOOONDAY!! :D you should bring that book. I wanna see it up close...if that's ok :)

  2. yes yes of course!! i was planning on bringing it! :) i can't wait to see yooouuuu!!!

  3. Awwww! That is the best present ever!! :) I love that idea!

  4. that book looks so sweet and is so thoughtful :) looks like you had a great birthday! You make me feel so old, and I'm only 22!

  5. what a sweetheart! I might take this for a gift for my husband...and not tell him what gave me the idea ;) haha! And i love all your goals! You are beautiful! I love your eyes!

  6. Awww, happy birthday!! What a great gift, too! I just found your blog and I'm excited to peek around and follow your blogging journey. :)