Wednesday, May 25, 2011

T-Shirt Re-Size {DIY}

Today at work we got some free T-Shirts for a big sale we are having tomorrow, but they were all X-Large shirts... and i know i'm not tiny, but i don't wear an XL... anyways, the other ladies at work decided not to wear the shirt. I however decided to have a little fun!! 

I'll show ya what I did, and you can try it too!!
What you will need:
  • pins
  • scissors
  • a sewing machine/thread
  • an oversized t-shirt
  • a shirt that fits you (i hope you have a few of those)

1.   Start with a T-shirt that is too big for you

2. Fold the Big T-shirt inside out and place a smaller t-shirt (one that fits you properly) on top.

 3. Pin along the outside of the smaller t-shirt, making sure to catch both sides of the big shirt.

 4. Cut around the pins. I left about a 1 in border around the pins to leave a little fudge room.
 5. Sew the shirt! I used a contrasting thread... but that doesn't mean you have to ;)
 sew. sew. sew.
 6. i hemmed the bottom of my shirt. 
To do that: fold up the bottom of your shirt about 1 inch all the way around and pin. then sew :) 
it's that easy
I also cut the collar into a v-neck to make it just a little more comfy and girly :)

But there you have it!

ps i also made those shorts i'm wearing... but that's a whole different blog post ;)

Oh, also, sorry for the gross quality of pictures... i don't know why they are so gross and blurry. 

But anyway....

I hope you found this as fantastic as i did! I look forward to altering many more shirts in the future!! have fun!! :D

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  1. Oh wow, great tutorial! I feel like I always find t-shirts that are too big for me that I totally would buy if they weren't too big. But now I can. Can't wait to try it, thanks!