Saturday, June 4, 2011

summ summer stuff... :)

So i've been neglecting my blog for a while because i've been so consumed with reading other peoples blogs, and being fascinated by all they have to offer. I constantly find myself getting caught in the blog stalking web... I read a blog of someone i know, then i look and see whose blog they read, and go to it.. i read that strangers blog, and see who they read... go to their blog and read about their life. It's just a continuous cycle, that sucks me in EVERY time!!! Seriously, i always tell myself, "Self, you are only going to read Hope's blog today..." next thing i know I've spent two hours reading blogs from some sweet lady in Connecticut who is a Fitness instructor and loves Sushi.... I feel like i have some sort of blogging psychopath syndrome (that's a real problem, i swear)... I should probably see a doctor. 


This last week has been quite enjoyable! Memorial Day Weekend was a blast!! We were invited by my family to go to Lake Roosevelt! I personally couldn't think of a better place to be. I love everything about the lake. I love the smell of the water, i love the feel of gliding over the water, i love the suffocating feel of life jackets, i love the warmth of the sun that is equally balanced out by the coolness of the water. I love the smell of the sun screen. I love finding a place to dock the boat so we can eat lunch. I love conversations my family has on the boat. i love blasting ke$ha and dancing on the back of the boat ;) i love tubing, and knee boarding! i love everything about it!! So needless to say, the two days we spent at the lake we wonderful! It was almost too windy the first day we were there, which made it hard to do anything besides tube, but other than that it was great! oh! and i didn't even get sunburned!! Which is quite an accomplishment... just sayin'...

Here are some of my favorite pics:

It was a great trip. Not to mention, that if you are ever in Globe Arizona, you absolutely MUST go to Jerry's Diner... it's delicious, and has become tradition for my family! I have to constantly stop myself from taking the 2 hour drive to globe just to get a bite of their amazing Honey Fried Chicken, or a Juicy Caliguacafornia Burger with perfectly crispy fries! Honestly, i don't think there is anything on their menu that i wouldn't kill for. 

please go. that is all....

After we came home, we spent some time with Alex's family at a lovely BBQ. It was fun to catch up with family, play with the babies, go swimming, eat WAY too much food, catch some rays and enjoy the beautiful summer weather! I couldn't have asked for a better 3 day weekend. 

Some other fun things that happened this week: Photoshoot with The Lovely Lauren Bailey!! She is in the running to become Miss Arizona! And i was lucky enough to take some pictures for her!! Here are my favorites

Isn't she perfect??? :) :) :)
bee tea dubb... if you wanna check out more of my pics feel free to go here --> :D

That's about all the fun happening for this week, I'm glad it's summer. That's all. 


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  1. I totally know what you mean about getting lost in a blog stalking universe... that's how I ended up here! haha my hubby doesn't get it AT ALL, but it's so fun!