Monday, June 13, 2011

Out of Goodbyes

I hate saying goodbye to people. I'm bad at it. It becomes slightly less stressful if i know they are coming back, but still... 

My sweet little sister introduced me to a fabulous boy from Venezuela! His name is Antonio, and he has been here with a host family since August. He finished High School at Mountain View {Go Toros!!!} and became extremely close with my sister. By that I mean that they started dating. :)

He is too sweet for words, very considerate, funny, talented, smart, sexy, buff, great dancer, people person, and well he's Foreign. ;) He is wonderful, and i couldn't have wished for a better person for Abby to date. 

He had to go home to Venezuela on Saturday, so of course there was a party on Friday :) It was very fun but bittersweet. There was dancing, food, singing, BBQ, laughter, games... everything! It was lovely, and I couldn't have thought of a better way to say goodbye to Antonio! Here are some fun pictures of Antonio :)

gah. they are so precious

Here are some more of my favorites of Abby and Antonio:

Haha, i just love them so much! And i hope that Antonio can come back to Arizona soon!

As for the rest of my weekend.... Saturday I went to the sweet baptism of my cousin Mailani. There were 9 baptisms that day, and it was so sweet to see all these children dressed in white, singing songs about Jesus and being so happy to become clean and have such a fresh start. Mailani's little sister was also given her baby blessing that day. I was so glad to be a part of it! Later we had a luncheon and i got to hold with the baby... now i'm not baby hungry in the slightest, but it hard to find something that will make me as happy as holding a 2 month old baby girl. I hope that we will spend a lot more time with the wonderful Robinson family :) 

It was a great weekend and I am excited to conquer this next week. I am working on improving my work out habits... basically working out at all would be considered an improvement... haha. I also want to blog more often, cook something new for dinner at least once (no more hot dogs, pasta, or quesadillas) and start reading The Help (i've heard it's a WONDERFUL book).

Hopefully i'm successful. 

I hope you have a lovely week! work on doing something new this week. step outside your comfort zone. push yourself out of your normal limits. :) 

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