Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I thought it would be a good idea to take y'all on a tour of the apartment! Lots of you haven't had the pleasure of seeing it in person and so i thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to show you all how adorable my sweet house is! 

Lets start out by saying that i LOVE LOVE LOVE my apartment! I love the size, i love the layout, i love the neighbors, i love the grassy knoll (see picture below) and i love that if something goes wrong i can just call maintenance and they come and fix your problem within the hour!!! It's just lovely! 

Okay so here's the grand tour!

So here's the door!! We are on the first floor, which is awesome!

This is the living room! Where we watch all our shows and play games and play with our kitten :)
 This is what we see right when we walk in the door. :)
 two couches, both free :) oh yeah!!
 What we see right before we walk out the door!!
 Looking out onto our balcony :)
 I love love love that we have our own washer and dryer!
 The grassy knoll where we play frisbee and have picnics :)
 The kitchen table and fabulous picture frame set Alex bought me!
 my favorite! like my apron?? (i made it!!)

 i absolutely adore my shower curtain!! (thanks Liz Macdonald!!)
 the bedroom!!
 my side of the room! like all my shoes?
Alex's Computer Corner!!

Well there ya have it! That's the apartment!! We love it, and i couldn't have wished for a better first place!! We already have so many happy memories! it's just wonderful!! I feel so blessed to have such a great home, wonderful husband, supportive friends, a fabulous Ward and a Demon Kitten! :) It's so fun!

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  1. shoes....shoes....shoe--oh wait. Those are Lindy's x]