Monday, May 23, 2011

10 Guilty Pleasures

This post is pretty self explanatory. So lets just delve right in :)

10.  Disney Channel Shows.
Okay so i blame this on my love for children and the fact that i worked in a day care and i was forced to watch 'Hannah Montana', 'Good Luck Charlie' and "Phenius and Ferb' for hours on end. But that is no excuse for the fact that i have continued to be obsessed with these shows (and others) ever since I left LA Fitness Kids Klub. I can sing all of the theme songs, quote my favorite episodes and I definitely laugh at ALL the cheesy humor. :) Can't wait until i have kids and then watching these shows won't be so abnormal!!

9. Zebras.
Don't ask me what it is about these animals that enthralls me, there is just something so quirky and fun about them. I think they are just so fabulous. And i'm not just talking about a love for Zebra PRINT... (While i do LOVE zebra print, and am convinced i will furnish my whole whole with zebra accessories) I love the animal in general. If there is a Zebra in a show, or a commercial I yell and get so happy! I have more than one zebra figurine (Thanks Momma McHardy!) and a Zebra Stuffed Animal named Zeke. I just LOVE them... I saw a Zebra on the side of the road in Hawaii over Christmas Break and i made my family turn around just so i could take a picture...Oh, and they have a U-Haul van with a Zebra Head on it, and I am willing to pay extra just to use the Zebra van when it comes time for me to use a U-Haul. :)

8. Circle K 79c Drinks. 
 I'm absolutely obsessed with these. I think it's the best deal in the world and I would get one everyday if my husband would let me... Circle K runs are how Alex knows to cheer me up after a bad day, get on my good side before asking me a tough question, of just simply to get out of Saturday Chores! :) I always get the same thing. Even though there are HUNDREDS of different drink combos... I always always get a 44 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper with just a little Regular DP, Regular Ice, not crushed, and 3 shots of Vanilla Syrup. That's my order, just in case you decide you want to get on my good side too. :)

7. Sewing. 
 Not many people know this about me... hence why it's a guilty pleasure. haha. Alex didn't even know i loved to sew until after we were married and i asked him for a sewing machine!! Haha. I just love the ability to take something as simple as a few yards of fabric and you add a few pins, some cut outs and voil√†, you have something Fabulous! I want to get into quilting! I am obsessed with so many quilting blogs, my creativity is about to explode from within!! I love taking old clothes and making them So. Much. Better. It's just so relaxing and fun and wonderful. 

6. Picture Frames. 
 If you know me, you know that i take WAY too many pictures. I always have at least one camera with me at all times, and i have over 3,000 pictures on Facebook. But what you might not realize is that i LOVE to get those pictures printed and put them up in adorable frames and perch them precariously on shelves and tables and counters and dressers and desks around my house... :) 

5. Nail Polish.  
I love to paint my nails. If my job wasn't so hands on, i would have a new nail color every 3 days... but since my job just chips my polish off after 5 minutes, it's not worth it to paint them... but i sure do love my nail polish. I pride myself on having at least one of every shade of the rainbow, plus lots of glittery colors and top coats. I love the smell of freshly painted nails and the feel of them, so smooth and glossy! :) :) And don't even get me started on pedicures! I love painting my toes... i can't remember a time when my toes weren't painted... naked toes make me feel insecure and weird. I buy myself a new nail polish whenever possible!!

4. Sports.  
My husband loves this one! I love being up to speed on the best teams in the league and knowing the best players, coaches names, positions that players have, stats, and game times! I play Fantasy Baseball with Alex, and it's my new favorite past time. I love watching any sport, and i especially love going to the games! I love the adrenaline rush that you get from a great play, and the stress of the last inning, last 30 seconds or the last Hail Mary!

3. Food. 
 there is just too much good food out there... lets list a few. Beefy Five Layers, chips and salsa, frozen burritos, air popped popcorn, Popsicles, PIZZA!!! french fries, cake, egg rolls, anything Chinese, rice, Pasta Roni, Subway, snow cones, chocolate anything. candycandycandy... seafood, Mozzarella Sticks, Buffalo Wings, ice cream... need i go on? no. :) food is great. the end.

2. Desperate Housewives.  
So this one is a true Guilty Pleasure... but i'm obsessed with this show. I started watching it on Hulu just for fun, and now i'm completely hooked. I'm almost done with season 2 and it's been about a month or so of watching :) okay and sure, it's racy and goes against what most mothers teach their children is considered 'quality television'... but i can't help it... there is the perfect mix of romance and humor and mystery and suspense and all good things!! It's so fabulous! The Characters are marvelous, and the story line is quite clever.  I'm obsessed, and i could care less :)

1. Country Music.  
So lots of people give country music a bad rep... But i have only good things to say. It's the best music to dance to, it's the best to sing in the car, it has the best lyrics, the best morals, the best looking singers, the cutest music videos!!  Men in cowboy hats are just dreamy... am I wrong? no, no i'm not. There is a country song for any situation in life... it's not just all about Krumping in a club and making love to your shawty, like all the hip hop songs are... (nothing against Hip Hop). I know basically every country song ever... Alex teases me all the time. we can flip to any country song on and station and i know all the lyrics, who sings is, who they are married to, and probably their kids names... :) I just love that Country singers are much more down to earth. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married since October 1996!!! Brad Paisley and Kim Williams got married in 2003! Keith Urban and Nicole Kiddman, since 2006!! Joe Don (from Rascal Flatts) Married his wife in 2003, Gary (Rascal Flatts) Married his wife in 1999, and Jay (Rascal Flatts) was married in 2004!  Toby Keith married Tricia Lucas in 1984!! And they are ALL still married, and so so so happy! I just love that! It makes my heart swell when i hear these singers sing about Love, and i KNOW that they wrote their songs about their sweet wives and children! It makes it so much more personal and fabulous! Okay, so i rest my case that Country Music is the best EVER!! :D

Okay so those are my Top Ten Guilty Pleasure!! What are some of your guilty pleasures?? Tell me in the comments!! :)

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