Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Another Love Story

So as stated before, i'm a HUGE blog stalker. And as such i have read a lot of really adorable bloggers love stories. Mind you, these are stories from perfectly good strangers, and yet, i'm enthralled by their lovely little anecdotes. I laugh, I cry, I swoon, I get butterflies... it's pathetic, and yet, really sweet. And i figure, since i'm not a creative, random, awesome storie telling blogger, like Hope, or an amazingly analytical critic of all things beatuiful, annoying and hilarious like Katie, or a fabulously cute, intelligent and spunky writer like Collett, I have to make do telling my love story. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this... it just feels a little lame compared to all things my blogging friends blog about... 

And now, without further ado... 

{My lovely little love story}
<also, I apologize in advance for all the pictures... i couldn't help myself...>

Once upon a time I was a VERY broken hearted girl. A boy (who will remain un named) lead me to believe that he wouldn't break my heart, but in the end ended up hurting me worse than i'd ever been hurt in my entire life. After much crying, chocolate, and cursing... okay maybe not cursing.. but some not very nice words, I began to mend. Slowly but surely, I was becoming myself again.

(Side note: you may be thinking, this doesn't sound like a love story. But just bare with me... I'll get to the mushy stuff, i promise.)

Okay so anyways, i was mending... I'm sure you've all been through heartbreak, so you know what i'm talking about. I got a haircut, listened to some good 'pick me up'/ man hater songs, ate lots of carbs and told myself that it would be a really long time until i gave my heart away again.

Fast Forward 5 months to April. I get asked to sing in a Special Musical Number in Singles Ward... Well I woke up sunday morning with this persistent thought of "YOU MUST GO SING IN THAT SPECIAL MUSICAL NUMBER!!!" Wow.. okay then. Turns out cute Altos are always in high demand! So I headed down to the practice, and was stuck in between two amazing tenors.
(Oh yeah, my husband is a tenor.. be jealous)

After Singing, I sat down next to Alex, and we chit chatted, he told me about his mission to Mexico, I told him about living in Spain <hooray Spanish Speakers>. He told me about his family, i told him about my friends. We shared hobbies, interests, and schooling plans. And somewhere in all of that He told me that he managed to get my number!

We texted lots, he showed up at choir concerts, we watched sports together, snuggled, he surprised me with candy and Dr. Pepper (i'm convinced that is what made me say yes to his marriage proposal)and somewhere in all of that we fell in love. 
We saw each other basically every day from the day we first met! It went something like this:
Day 1: Special Musical Number
Day 2: Jazz concert/ in-n-out (held my hand)
Day 3: Watched a movie at my house (had out first kiss)
Day 4: brought me presents (dr. pepper & Peanut m&m's)
Day 5: Met his Family
Day 6: More stuff... 
<this next part i wrote like i am talking to Alex... just so you aren't all confused> 

May- well i finally gave in to your impeccable good looks and charm and decided to be your girlfriend. This is by far the best choice i have ever made. you immediately made my life so much happier, and always went out of your way to let me know how much you loved me. :) 
June- One month had flown by and I couldn't be happier. You got me through my finals and we jumped head first into summer. I loved that you didn't have a job yet (terrible i know) and that we would have lunch together, and play games, and go swimming, and just be together whenever possible. I remember how excited i was for our little "one month" date. this was a monumental day because <cue hallelujah chorus> you got me a flower!!!  You took me to Wendy's and then we went star gazing and snuggled and just fell more and more in love.

July- MY BIRTHDAY!!! you bought me the most beautiful ring, treated me like a princess, helped me learn patience and we talked about getting married. it was a monumental month. I was falling so in love with you, i knew that i would never want to spend my life with any one else. Also, at my birthday dinner, you  danced with me, and since i know how much you hate that, i knew that you were special, that you would do something for me simply because you knew it would make me happy. my heart swelled. :)

August- This was a tough month. we had a lot of downs. you weren't quite sure that you wanted to be with me, of if i was worth the effort. With the Magic issues, the WoW conflicts and my hate of curfew, there were many reasons why you would want to leave me. but somehow, something inside of you convinced you to stay with me. :) i was very happy for this, and i learned how to be a lot more selfless, and i knew how a REAL relationship functioned. i lot of give and take, lots of communication and a ton of compromise. Our courtship flourished after this, and i began to become more of the person that I am today. Also, august 18th was the day we went to Payson. This was the day (i assume) you decided that i really was the girl that you wanted to spend eternity with. this was the first day we looked at wedding rings! :) :) :)
September- September was again a happy courtship month. cardinals games, house sitting, photoshoots, my first trip to Ci-Ci's, bike rides, crashing your car into dumpsters... surprise trips to go ice skating and dinners at olive garden. dollar store hats and purple sunglasses! hahaha. we were just so in love, and every moment that we spent together just reiterated the fact that i couldn't imagine myself with anyone else. :)

October- I learned how supportive you are. you came to concerts, drove me to flagstaff to see Abby in LIGHT, came with me to photoshoots, took me on dates, dressed up with me (in three different costumes) for halloween. So many happy memories! This is also when you came and talked to my dad and asked him for my hand in marriage... :) :) :)

November- well I voted for the first time.... oh right, and we got engaged!! i don't think there is anything that could top that. :) we had fun adventures in Utah, and again, lots of fun dates. mini golf with brennan, sports nights, thanksgiving with your family in Tucson :)

December- Your birthday. I was able to dote on you for once. I went out of my way to make you feel as special as possible. We went to the institute dance!! You came to more concerts for choir, put up with my crazy grandmas :) and throughout all of this you put up with ALL of my craziness. my desire to be with you 24/7 and my missing you while i am out of town. I don't know how you do it, but i sure am glad. :)

January-  Sunday was perfect. you came to my rescue, and comforted me. You held me all day long, and just made me realize that I am honestly marrying the most perfect man in the whole world. you are my everything and i can't believe how lucky i am.
February- We were anxiously waiting for this month to be over, but we had fun along the way. We got our Engagement pictures taken! We went to Utah for an Open House and to take out my Endowments in the Jordan River Temple! We spent time with out extended families and We moved into our apartment, went shopping at IKEA, painted furtiture, and just for closer and closer to being able to live out lives together! 

March- I don't really think this month needs any explination. We got Married!!! March 4th was a blissful day. Honestly, it was perfect. I get a little teary eyed just thinking about how perfect the Temple Sealing was, and how the whole day is basically a blur besides you. Your face stands out. Your smile, your lips, your hand with the ring on it, the sparkle in you eyes as you looked at me. Honestly my wedding day was probably the most perfect one in history. Perfect weather, beautiful pictures, i LOVED my hair, LOVED my dress, the timing of everything was perfect, all my favorite people were there, dinner was great, and the wedding night was wonderful, and my HUSBAND is perfect. :) Like i said, the most Perfect wedding EVER... :) Also in March we went on our honeymoon! Which was a blast because it was your first time in a hotel, and your first time on a cruise! It was a blast to share those moments with you! 

April- I got a new job!! We were so happy to have the extra cash! Such a blessing from paying our tithing!! :) You were finishing up school, studying hard, and trying to keep me satisfied and being a newlywed there are still a few bugs in the system and a few kinks that we have to work out, so honest to say it wasn't a blissful month. But it was a month that made us stronger and made us respect one another more.

May- Here we are!! Life is great! You finished your first year at ASU with flying colors!! <go sun devils!!> You are working at Desert Schools and LOVING it, i'm working at GMS and LOVING it! We have a Devil Kitten who we both love so much and we just love being together. Date nights are a blast, but i just love cuddlimng up on the couch watching all our fun show! Modern Family, House, Outsourced, Traffic Light, Perfect Couples, Firefly, 24, SNL... the list goes on and on!! And i love playing on the PS3 with you... even if you always beat me :P  So far this summer is turning out to be a fantastic one!! 

I can't wait to see what adventures await us!


From our first date to Taco Tuesday
to the day he told me he Loved me at Fountain Hills

to the day he asked me to "do him a favor, and marry him"

 To the day we said our "I Do's"
 It's been a blast. 
And don't get me wrong, it hasn't been all kisses and rainbows and happy kittens. Oh no, there have been tears and hurt feelings and apology letters galore!! But the fact that we can disagree, communicate, come together, and become stronger and better is what makes us such a fantastic couple!

Things I love about Alex:
  1. His Laugh. Seriously it's just so silly and cute and infectious.
  2. His unforgiving nature
  3. His Brain. He's a stinking genius.
  4. His hands. 
  5. His spontaneous nature.
  6. His willingness to serve me.
  7. His voice. Whether he is reading to me or singing in the shower... i love it.
  8. The love notes he writes me.
  9. His sense of humor
  10. His Family. I love you McHardy Clan!

-- And okay, there are TONS more reasons... but i figure 10 is good for now --
So there ya go. i'm crazy in love. <3

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