Friday, May 13, 2011

Because I'm a Follower.

Well here we go.

<deep breath> 

You have no idea how frightened I am at the fact that i have just successfully created a blog. I have told myself for years and years that i would actually start one... but then i would read other blogs and they were just so much cuter, funnier, more talented writers (this means you Hope, Kat & Collett)... Seriously, i have some HUGE expectations to live up to. Because i know that if i don't share funny stories and witty remarks and interesting facts everyone who reads this WILL judge me!!! 

Okay so maybe that's going a little far... assuming that people will judge me would mean that i am assuming people will read my blog... and lets be fair... that probably won't happen. I mean sure, i might have a sick obsession with reading complete strangers blogs (creepy, I know). and okay, i have all my friends blogs bookmarked and starred and favorite-ed and in my toolbar for easy reading! but that doesn't mean that they will do the same for me! and shoot, why would they want to. I'm sure i'll have some pitty readers... <crosses fingers> and if not i know that my husband and my mom will read it!

So know you are probably wondering, 'Well Allie if you are such an obnoxious writer, why on earth would you want to publish a blog??'

Well, because i'm a follower, that's why! As stated above, I LOVE reading other people's blogs.. and lets say i sometimes lust after their wit and charm and i just hope that someday i can be as charming as they are! So i might as well try because (insert cheesy saying here) if you shoot for the moon and miss at least you'll land among the stars!! so even if i fail miserably i'll probably gain something from it. Right??

And if nothing else, my life is semi interesting. I am married to an AMAZING man. Seriously, he's the best. (more about him later... i promise). Also i have a pretty cool job and an adorable demon of a kitten! And i figure that I have lots of extended family <shout out to the Davis family!> and lots of new family <McHardys!!!> who probably don't really know anything  about anything that goes on in our little newly married life! So if i'm not to be witty and charming, at least i'll be informational. :) and that's something!

So I should probably give an informational run down of life... 

  • So i'm a newlywed, I married Alex on March 4, 2011 <best day of my life>.
  • We live in north gilbert, in a FABULOUS apartment complex. Seriously, i LOVE my apartment!
  • I have an awesome job. I work at a Tactical Law Enforcement Store. <GMS Tactical> so i sell uniforms and ballistic vests and carriers, and holsters, and magazines (the gun kind, not the Cosmo kind) and i see lots of police officers, and SWAT teams members and military men. It's REALLY fun and definitely a learning experience everyday! 
  • Alex just started his new job today!! Desert Schools Bank Teller. We couldn't be more thrilled! He is SO excited to finally have a bank job! It is such a blessing! Yay tithing!! :)
  • We got a kitten about 3 weeks ago. He is still name-less (help?). but he's the cutest thing ever! and it's a dang good thing he's adorable because he's EVIL! not all the time, but there are moments where i want to throw him away. 
Well i think that's about it as far as my life facts. 

I hope not to be TOO obnoxious with this whole new blogging adventure. Be warned there will be lots of mushy talk about my husband. lots of posted pictures and lots and lots of Random! :)

Okay well Peace Off! <3

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  1. 'Demon Kitty'...seems a decent name to me! x]