Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Sweetest

Saturday was a great day.

Alex came home on friday and said that he helped a worker from Sweet Cakes. Alex told him that he LOVED Sweet Cakes, the guy pulled out a free sandwich punch card that was all punched out! 

So saturday for lunch we decided to go and split a sandwich. And we were so happy that we did. 

Here is a breakdown of what we got!!
 We got the BLT with Avocado on the Honey Wheat bread!! It was AH-MAZE-ING!!!
The bread was great, homemade and toasty, it was the perfect crunch and taste along with the avocado and bacon (who doesn't love that combo??)

We just got the one sandwich and had it split, so we eat got half he sandwich, a cookie and a pickle. :)

 Okay, now these are the best cookies i think i've ever eaten. I've been eating Sweet Cakes cookies for a few years now, but i just never get use to how delicious these things are. First off, they are HUGE!!! and only a $1.50 each! (ps. on saturday it's buy 2 get 1 free)

left: Snickerdoodle-so good. so moist and sweet. It's the perfect texture and it's the one that i would get every time.
Middle: Peanut butter and m&m's- this one was okay. not my favorite, but again not bad, every thing Sweet Cakes does is lovely.
Right:Oatmeal Butterscotch- soooo basically, this is the most amazing cookie that i have ever eaten. The texture of the oatmeal is amazing, and it has just the perfect amount of butterscotch flavor. I was in heaven the moment i tried it. It instantly became #1 on my list!!! I WILL be going back regularly for this delicious cookie.
 So satisfied!

It was awesome, a delectable sandwich, 3 cookies (well 5 if you count the cookies in our meal) 2 pickles haha, and a large drink = less that $6... not too shabby. And we were both stuffed afterwards!

It was the perfect way to spend a hot saturday afternoon!

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  1. Isn't it wonderful how God provides these little moments of joy for us? There were so many times, especially during our first year or two of marriage, when we had so little and still, God continued to bring food to our table and moments of peace into our lives.