Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge

My darling friend (can i call her my friend if we've never met in real life, only read each others blogs??)
Alexis came up with this super fun and self loving idea called the "30 day Challenge". To see her blog and her ideas for her 30 days go here :) She's fabulous, i promise you'll love her!!

I thought that it was such a great idea to spend at least a little bit of time every day to do something just for ME! So often i get caught up in being selfless, doing things for the people i work with, making sure my husband is as happy as can be, and even making sure Willie, our kitten is always purring. More often than not, this leaves me feeling pretty exhausted and more than a little frustrated that i've had no 'me time'... So thank you Alexis for forcing me to think of myself once in a while :)

So without further ado, i give you my 30 day challenge. 

1. Read a chapter of the book i'm reading (the Help) {SOOO GOOD BTW}

2. paint my nails

3. go on a walk 

4. Listen to classical music

5. sing in the shower

6. write a letter to my best friend who lives in utah

7. try and bake bread (this will be a fail, i can assure you)

8. go outside and take photos (photography is my passion, but i'm hardly motivated to take pictures when there isn't an actual assignment that's due)

9. have a fondue dinner

10. go to the library 

11. go to the temple by myself

12. Donate something to GoodWill

13. go camping and lay under the stars

14. play in one of those water splash pads they have at Tempe Market Place

15. watch a movie i've never seen before.

16. Sew... my sweet mother in law gave me a JoAnns gift card and i still haven't figured out what i want to use it for!! 

17. go one day without make up... embrace my natural beauty.

18. order take out and eat it out of the cartons with chopsticks...just like they do in the movies.

19.  play sports with my hubby

20. skype with my best friend who will be living in California for the next 5 months

21. play video games with my hubby

22. have a spa night = pedicures, facials, massages, bubbles baths!!

23. Compliment a complete stranger

24. wash my car. even vacuum the inside!! 

25. clean out my junk drawer 

26. go to dinner at a restaurant i've never eaten in.

27. have a candle lit dinner but eat something simple, like cereal or pb&j sandwiches.

28. make a craft... i have so many good ideas, and so little motivation...

29. make lunch for Alex before he leaves for work and write a love note and hide it inside.

30. Look through the old notes that Alex and I exchanged while we dating:)

Now i know that some of these things are completely selfish... but i do love doing things for other people... and that makes me feel good inside, and i think that's the main purpose for this Challenge. 

I love this idea and i'm excite to let you guys know how all these things go! I'll try and take pictures to document each day, but i make no promises. Haha... 

Let me know what your challenges would be! :)

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  1. Love it :) my favortie is embracing the natural beauty :)