Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Can you Spare me some change?

change is good. except for when it's not.

I'm all about change in the weather, a change of hair color, or maybe even a change in the drink your get from circle k... those changes are fine.

But your best friend deciding that she is too good for Arizona, and that she is gonna be awesome and go work at Disneyland for the next semester.... that's the kind of change that i'd rather avoid altogether.

Now, don't get me wrong, i'm so so so SOOO jealous happy for her!! And the fact that i will get to go visit her at the end of the year {almost} makes it okay that she is leaving.

But I honestly don't know what i will do without her. I feel like i'm losing my right arm. I won't have anyone to chat with on gmail chat until the wee morning hours, or someone to go shopping with on a whim, or someone to sit for hours and hours crafting with me. I won't have someone to listen to play the piano and the harp. I won't have a singing buddy in Resonance. I won't have another girl to sit and look up attractive men on google with. I won't have someone to help me draw awesome things in my empty scrapbook pages. I won't have someone to give me good advice when i'm feeling hurt, or defeated. I won't have someone to laugh at me when i say "chonchy chonch". I won't have someone to share all my inside jokes with{she's so skinny... i hate her /CAKE}. I won't have someone to always eat my chips and salsa. I won't have my best friend.... /sigh

side note: luckily i DO have a fantabulous hubby that will ALWAYS be there for me, and who is ultimately my best friend... but a girls gotta have girlfriends... ya know?

anywho. Hope is someone who kinda came into my life haphazardly. We really don't remember how we became so close. One day we were kinda acquaintances, and the next we were swapping life stories, having sleep overs and gossiping about the latest boyfriend drama. And it's been the best thing EVER.

Hope is amazing. and hilarious. Go read her blog. I'm serious. GO! please? http://bitofhopey.blogspot.com/
you can thank me later... or now... whichever is easier.

And now, a montage of pictures of Hope and I :D

Hope and I on the beaches of Mexico

Hope and I on Halloween

One of our many Jones Soda runs

Hope and I on my wedding day!!!

so pretty



i just love us.
So there you have it folks. My fabulous best friend is all grown up and saving China... ermm. i mean California...

She's gonna be awesome. She is gonna learn to be way more independent, she will find herself, assess her true feelings for a certain someone, she will realize how talented and special she is, she will have her faith tried and tested, she will become fiscally responsible, she will learn better time management, she will become addicted to Prison Break. ;)

I will miss you Hopey. But I know that you need this, and they happy times are ahead.


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  1. Prison break!! :D

    /sniffle, goodness gracious this is crazy. I miss y'all so much already. Be prepared for some FANTABULOUS blog posts ;)

    I love you, best friend :)