Friday, August 26, 2011

No More Wisdom

This last week has been full of pain, and crying and praying and blessings and frantically calling doctor friends to help diagnose me over the phone, and filling prescriptions and trying to remember to take said prescriptions... I got a kidney/bladder infection and was in so much pain, it was just ridiculous!! But i just barely started feeling better a few days ago...

And then today i decided to willingly go and get 4 teeth yanked out of my face!!!

And since i'm super brave, i decided that i wouldn't use anesthesia, and just use Novocain to numb my mouth and let the dentist just yank away!

First of all, if you've ever had Novocain you know how it makes you feel like your whole face is swollen and you can't swallow. It's super freaky, and no matter how many times I've been numbed I still freak out at the sensation of losing all feeling in my face.

Second of all, WHY OH WHY DO DENTIST INSIST ON TALKING TO YOU WHILE THEY ARE PERFORMING SURGERY!!! It's pretty annoying when they ask you questions just at a regular cleaning, but at least you are bleeding, numb, have a mouth full of cotton AND have a tongue guard in... I just don't understand...

Dentist: "So where does your Husband work?"
Me:"ezurt oools"
D:"OH! Desert Schools!! I bank there, it's great!"

D:"So what are you listening to on your iPod?"
Me:"azkuhl adds"
D:" I Love Rascal Flatts! My granddaughter loves the song that they sing in Cars..."

And the ridiculous conversations went on and on.

It was just silly.

But lets see. On the extreme upside, my mom took great care of me for the remainder of the day! She made the yummiest Jell-o i think i have ever had! She made me mashed potatoes and i had an endless supply of dr. pepper at my side. We watched chick flicks all day and she always made sure that my ice packs on my cheeks were frozen :)

My sweet mother in law also brought over a whole box of goodies to help me get through the next few days! She even brought me Dr. Pepper Popsicles! If that's not the best thing i've ever seen i don't know what is!!

Also, i'm not swollen at ALL!!! NO chipmunk cheeks for me!! Woot woot. I'm talking totally normally, i'm eating without pain, i slept through the night and i get to go to one of my dearest friends' wedding receptions tonight!

I'm so grateful that everything went well! And i'm so grateful for modern pain meds to help ease the little pain that i do have!!

I'm grateful to have a loving husband who takes care of me, day in and day out!

I'm grateful that I get to go back to work on monday - paying for surgery, and missing work don't really go hand in hand. So it'll be great to get back to work and make up the money that we spent to get the teeth yanked out of my head.

But, for today i will enjoy eating pudding and mashed potatoes, watching 'girly shows' as Alex likes to call them, and cuddling with my kitten! :)

ps. i'm sorry if parts of this post don't make sense... Vicodin makes me a little loopy... ;)

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  1. So glad that you're finally on the mend! Oral surgery ain't no fun (and neither are those bladder infections...I've def had my share).

    Have a peaceful, healing weekend and a great first day back at work!