Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 Day Challenge Update: Part 1

So i'm a few days into the 30 day challenge and i wanted to post about what i've done so far!!

Today, i'm doing #17- Go one day without make up...

this one isn't very easy for me... i don't think i'm that naturally pretty... but give a few minutes with some make up and i have the confidence of a queen... it's terrible, i know. but if it works, don't fight it... But i think we all need to embrace the natural beauty we all posses every once in a while. So today all i'm sporting is come moisturizer, some chap stick and a smile!!

tah dah!!!

Next... i did #8 - go outside and take pictures of nature

This one was easy since we went to mexico last weekend, it was so easy to be picture happy!!

also, i did #2 - paint my nails!

again, an easy one since i do this all the time, but i stretched my limits lately and did some designs that are a little more demanding :) I loved how they all turned out!!

I'm loving this daily challenge and i can't wait for this weekend cuz i have some fun ones planned!! <3

stay tuned!

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  1. I can't believe you don't think you're naturally pretty. You look lovely without make-up!