Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Last First Kiss

If I thought alex was bold by holding my hand after one day of knowing me, i wasn't even close to being prepared for what was about to happen.

So as i mentioned in the last story, Alex was going to come over to my house to watch the baseball game. I was so excited i could barely handle it. I'm not one of those girls who just pretends to like sports to get some guys to be interested in her. I am the type of girl who yells at the tv, spills the popcorn, bites her nails and watches through her fingers while she watches sports. I absolutely love them! especially baseball!!

Well game time rolled around and alex came over and we plopped down on the couch to watch the game. I turned it to ESPN... no baseball game. Fox sports... no baseball game. CBS... no baseball game. I called my dad into the room and he quickly informed us that today of all days was a day that the game was blacked out. No TV airing. awesome. I figured the day was over, Alex would go home, and we would try again another day. But instead Alex suggested that we watch a movie. ;) that sly dog.

I was thrilled that he actually wanted to still hang out, even with no baseball game to entertain him. So i showed him to our dvd collection and he picked out Stardust.

{I MUST do a little backstory on this movie... i have gotten every single first kiss from every boyfriend during or after this movie. ha! My first boyfriend ross and I saw this in the theaters, and he kissed me afterwards on the steps on Caesars Palace (he lived in Vegas). My second boyfriend and I watched this at my house, and he kissed me on the bean bag during the credits.}

(yeah yeah, I've only ever had 2 boyfriends/kisses before alex. it's embarrassing. lets move on.)

SO... This being said, I was anxious to see how this viewing would go. We went upstairs to the loft, and we actually got through the whole movie ;) there was a lot of hand holding and beginner stage cuddling going on for sure, but we made it through the whole thing. And it was great! I honestly didn't assume there would be any kissing going on... like i said, alex had known each other for a grand total of 48 hours... But apparently this tiny amount of time didn't bother Alex. ;)

After the movie was over, it was pretty late, and I had school in the morning, so i offered to walk him out. We went outside and i was anticipating a hug, and maybe some talk of getting together again, but oh no...

I told Alex I had a great time, and before I could say anything else, he was kissing me.

and if it hadn't have been the most amazing kiss i have ever had in my whole life, i might have been more shocked. but instead i found myself being realizing that this is what i have been waiting for. this firework moment. the foot popping kiss. the kiss that takes your breath away and makes your knees go weak and all the other cliche things that happen. It was short and sweet and perfect. Alex pulled away from that kiss and just smilied and said, "I had a great time tonight." and got in his car and drove away.

I sat out on the sidewalk for a good 15 minutes after he left trying to wrap my head around the fact that I may have just had my last first kiss.


  1. I think it's hilarious that you had all of your first kisses during that movie! (Also, I only had 2 kisses before I met my hubby, and one of them totally doesn't count. So, no embarrassment necessary.)

  2. Hahaha. I love this story!! It's making me want to write mine and Jake's story.. Aw! And yes, SO funny about all your kisses being associated with that movie! Be careful who you watch it with next! ;)

  3. Goose. Bumps. The fact that all your first kisses involve that movie is nearly unbelievable and quite hilarious. For real. Also, I wish I'd only had two kisses before MRudd. Sheesh.