Monday, February 25, 2013

How We Met

Next monday is mine and my husbands 2nd anniversary! Wow how times flies! And to celebrate this next week, i thought i would post one story/ memory a day from our lives together.

I don't think I have told very much of 'our story' on the blog, so this way its kinda like a 2 for 1 special. Plus, i will get me back in to the habit of writing more frequently, which is a MUST.

okay, so without further ado:

Way back in april of 2010 I was asked to sing in a special musical number for a singles ward. I wasn't in the singles ward yet, and so i thought that i was kinda weird to go sing for a bunch of people i didn't know. I kindly declined the invitation to sing, and didn't think much of it.

A few days later, on sunday, I woke up with a strange prompting to go and sing in that musical number. I thought that was a pretty weird thing to think, and dismissed the idea. But after a few more intense promptings, and an enormous amount of butterflies in my stomach I called up my friend who was in charge of the singing. I quickly told her how sorry I was for turning her down earlier and I asked if there was still a need for one more alto. She didn't waste any time telling me how much they still needed me, and told me that they were getting ready to run the last rehearsal at the church building and for me to hurry my buns on over.

I remember walking into the chapel, and being told to go and stand by a handsome guy in an orange tie. i shyly said hi, and we went on practicing. after a few minutes learning the song and getting acquainted, practice was over as quickly as it began and we were told to go sit in order in the pews. There was still a few minutes before the meeting actually began, and I began talking to the handsome boy in the orange tie.

His name was Alex. He has recently returned from a 2 year mission to Mexico City. This peaked my interest because I had lived in Madrid Spain for 3 years, and i had always hoped to marry someone who spoke fluent spanish. We continued talking, and even once the meeting started we continued to write notes to each other on the back of the sunday program. We talked about college plans, and hobbies, and somehow got talking about the singing program at CGCC that i was in the next day. He seemed interested in the music program, and I coyly mentioned that he was welcome to come and check it out. And then we told me that if he was to come and check it out he would need my number... so suave. ;)

needless to say, he got my number. and we continued to talk for the rest of the day, and into the night. It was so refreshing to talk to guy who was to genuine and sweet. But i'll be honest. i didn't think that those late night texts would lead to anything serious... but boy was I wrong... and i have never been so glad to be wrong.

To Be Continued.


  1. I just really love this. Surprisingly, I'd never heard your how-we-met story before!