Monday, March 23, 2015

The 9th Month

Is it time for the 9th month update already? I can't believe how quickly 9 months goes when the baby is outside of your body, rather than on the inside. Haha, I swear it took way longer than 9 months for her to get here.

She has definitely graduated from the 'baby' stage. She is cruising on her way to toddlerhood, and has no intention to slow down. She is miss independent and loves to play by herself and crawl around and basically just GO GO GO!

This month was so fun, the weather was amazing and we did lots outside. We took advantage of Daddy's new work schedule and went on lots of day dates with him. One day in particular that was really fun, we went to San Tan Village for lunch and to do some shopping. We ate lunch outside on the patio at Gordon Beirsch and then took Izzy to see the puppies and into the Disney Store. The  weather and the company could not have been better!

She mastered the art of feeding herself. Her little pincher grasp is just perfect. She will grab cheerios, puffs, cheese, turkey, strawberries, tomatoes, and basically anything else we put on her tray. She will also grab the spoon if we are feeding her and puts in right in her mouth every time. Now she just needs to learn how to scoop her own yogurt and change her own diaper ;)

We had the best Valentines Day! Alex and I were able to get a sitter for the day, and we went to As You Wish, (something Alex swore he would never do) got ice cream, went to the temple, and then had fondue that night with some friends. Alex also surprised me with a new Blendtec Blender. It was seriously the biggest shock! I am in love with it and have had smoothies every day since! As much as we love our little nugget, it is so nice to be able to spend some quality time with my main squeeze. We are super grateful for Grandmas who are always so willing to watch out munchkin!
Valentines Bed Head

AYW Creations

We went on lots of walks and trips to the park. This girls wasn't so sure about the baby swings just yet, but she did love feeling the grass and going down the slides! Days like these ones are just one of the many reasons why I love living in AZ. 

Iz got her SECOND haircut! her bangs were already hanging in her eyes again, and so we gave her a little trim. I can't believe this 9 month old has had 2 hair cuts!!

She is still just obsessed with baths and water in general. She loves so splash, and lick the water as it comes out of the faucet. She loves taking showers with us, and just feels the water and puts her face in it over and over again... I have a feeling she is gonna be obsessed with summer and all the swimming she will get to do! 

February was just amazing and I can't believe how much I love this little chicken!
  • This month she has started to say more 'words'. my current favorite is "Tah-Dah" I will coax her to say it and then she will put one hand up in the air and say "Tah-Dah" Its fancastic.

  • She is obsessed with peek a boo. But only if she can be holding the blanket/paper/book. She will hide her face and wait for us to say "where's Isabel?" and then she will pull the blanket/paper/book down and we yell "There she is" and she laughs so hard... this goes on for minutes on end
  • She has finally mastered a regular crawl. Before now it was just army crawling. But now she is up on all fours and loves it. She goes 'round and around the island in out kitchen and loves chasing after our cat Franklin.
  • She can sit herself up from any position, and then it's not long after she sits herself up and the crawls to a couch or chair or persons legs and is pulling herself up to stand. She is obsessed with standing.
  • Her babbles have evolved to more of a 'talk' she really makes lots of different sounds and will carry on a 'conversation' with you all day long.
  • Loves any and all animals. She is obsessed with Franklin, although I don't think that the feeling is mutual. She loves our best friends Great Dane, and loves and birds or animals we see outside.
  • She is still take 3 naps a day. Her morning nap is about 2 hours. Her afternoon nap is about 2 1/2 hours and her evening nap about 45 minutes. It's amazing. 
  • We have entered the stage of tantrums. She knows what she wants and will get upset if she can't have it. The two most common tantrum scenerios are when we make her stop brushing her teeth, and when we have to change her diaper/get her dressed. She HATES it. But if we distract her or sing songs she usually is pretty calm.
  • She loves to dance. Whenever she hears fun music she will bounce and flap her arms up and down. it's amazing

  • She is also obsessed with us patting her mouth while she says "ahhhh". She can be silent, and then you start patting her mouth she almost instantly she starts making noise to hear the funny sounds she makes. It's hilarious, because she has recently learned how to pat her own mouth and so she will do it to herself all day long. Ha!

I know I say it every time, but I really am the luckiest mom in the whole world. You are so awesome and I hope you don't even lose your spunk or zest for life. I love you!

xoxo, mommy

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