Sunday, August 18, 2013

Home Improvements

One of the best parts of home ownership is all the fun improvements you get to make. You get to take something bland, or crazy, or even downright ugly and redo it and make it your own.

When I was younger I always hated saturdays that involved more than one trip to Home Depot. But now that I have a home, The Home Depot has become a very dangerous store for Alex and I. We can just wander the isles and dream about all the things we would add to our house. And usually we give in to at least one of the projects we want to take on. Its a problem. And our wallets aren't proud of us. But,  our house sure is gettin' cute :)

One of our most recent projects was to upgrade the light fixtures in our kitchen. When we moved in we had these horrible track lights and absolutely no light over our island.

I had wanted to replace these lights from the second we moved in. But we lacked money and electric wiring skills. But recently we were able to go and pick out some new lights, and my awesome Father in Law and Brother in Law (who are both seasoned electricians) were able to come over and help us put up our lights.

We always love home improvements. I love making the decisions at the store and envisioning what it will look like at our house. All the trips are fun and exciting, but this trip to Home Depot was just a little more memorable. We had to buy a few tools and extra things to help us complete our project. One of these items being a HUGE piece of drywall. We bought it, and even asked the sales people to cut it in half for us so that we could {possibly} fit it in our Honda Civic. But when my father in law and I took the drywall out to the car, we quickly realized that there was absolutely NO WAY that it was going to fit. And so we were preparing to somehow tie the huge pieces of drywall to the roof. But as we were getting ready to lift it on top of the car, we heard someone ask us if he wanted him to haul our drywall for us in his van. We quickly told him that we live pretty far away, but thank you so much for the offer. He asked us what our crossroads are and when we told him informed us that he too lives near there and that he would be more than happy to take the drywall to our house. We were so grateful and my father in law rode with the nice stranger.

When we asked him how he new that we needed help when his van was parked 3 isles away from our car he simply said, 

"God told me. And I listened."


I hope that I can be as in tune with the Spirit as this man was. I appreciate him and his wonderful act of kindness for a few strangers.

And besides, he helped make our kitchen look a heck of a lot prettier :)


  1. Props to you for recording such a small but significant experience slash lesson! Also, love your new kitchen pretties :)