Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blogger Meet Up

I've never considered myself a blogger.
I don't write everyday.
or every week for that matter.
and I don't make money from what I do.
I don't have millions of followers.
I don't have amazing tutorials,
humorous anecdotes,
wonderfully delicious recipes,
or inspirational stories of hope and success.

I just have me.
my life.
and the few things that I consider to be important.

But I do,
as of last night,
have blogger friends.

and that is the best thing I could have hoped to have gained
from blogging.

Last night was the 3rd
AZ Blogger Meetup.

And instead of dreading the night,
feeling insecure,
and hoping that I would have someone to small talk with.
I was excited.
I was so looking forward to seeing these

Seriously, I feel so blessed to have been introduced
to the women that I spent time with last night.
They uplift me,
laugh with me,
listen to me,
and let me into their lives.

We spent the night at an amazingly cute boutique
in Phoenix.
Clothes Minded AZ.
There was trendy clothes,
friendly staff,
and tasty treats!

I can't think of a better setting for a girls night.

We spent the night laughing, bonding and being inspired by the
Miss Ashley from The Shine Project.
and Christian from Phenomz 
and Maggie from Angie 

They taught us that anything is possible,
and that through our blogs,
and social media our ideas can come to fruition,
and we can make a difference in this world
that is far too often filled with images
and ideas
and feelings
that are far from uplifting.
We can change that.
I can change that.

By smiling to people I pass on the street,
by sharing messages of hope and compassion on my blog,
and urging others to do the same.
By having a Christlike attitude,
by serving those around me.
And just by being me.

I can be the change.

Blogging is great.
It inspires.
It brings people together.
It sparks change.

I'm so glad that I have met the people that I have, and that they are so amazingly wonderful!
You know who you are.

Thank you!

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  1. This is so lovely! Someone asked me this week what my favorite part about blogging is....and I think my answer used to be that it gives me a place to share my writing and try to inspire people and make them laugh. And that's still part of the answer, but I think my biggest answer now is THE PEOPLE I'VE MET. I just love it. Happy feelings :)