Thursday, March 14, 2013


I figured since the fabulous Hope Douglass had already blogged about her anniversary, i might as well jump on the bandwagon, and crank out our little anniversary tale.

Two years goes by quick y'all. I mean like super speedy, blink and you'll miss it, hyperspeed. I can't believe that i've been married for 2 years... and at the same time, it's like I have only ever known Alex, and our life together. It's pretty great. Alex is great, and i'm so thankful that he puts up with me, and all my emotional weirdness.

I look forward to special celebrations all the time. I love birthdays, and holidays, and i love that I get to put anniversary on the list of things to go out and eat cake for. I love getting pampered, and not caring (too much) about our usually strict budgets, and just going out, to be with one another, celebrate the fact that you didn't kill each other over the past year, and make more super fun memories and traditions.

Our anniversary is March 4, and that was on a monday this year, so instead of taking off from work, we just decided to celebrate over the weekend. It was a marvelous idea, and we didn't waste one minute.

Saturday morning, we woke up after sleeping in (a foreign concept) and left for our all time favorite restaurant--Joe's Farmgrill. okay guys, if you haven't been here, you need to stop reading this post, and get in your car and drive out to Higley and Ray and order something delicious. srsly.

We enjoyed some marvelous green eggs and ham (personal fave) and some delicious huevos rancheros. We also splurged and got the apple fritters. I mean, calories don't count on special occasions. amiright?
One thing i love most about Joe's in the atmosphere. The people are friendly, the gardens are beautiful, and you can sit outside on a wooden picnic table and enjoy life, while staring at the huge citrus trees. It's simple and (in my opinion) super romantic and fun! We always love our time at Joe's, and i think that it will become an anniversary tradition to have breakfast there.

After our tasty meal, we headed out to Scottsdale. Another anniversary tradition that we have is shopping in Keirland Commons on our anniversary. We spend our wedding night at the Weston Keirland. So it only feels right to go back there every year and shop and enjoy the weather. a HUGE perk to being married in the beginning of march is that you are able to do so many things outside and actually enjoy yourself. I love all the fancy shops at KC, and always have fun imagining what i would buy if money was no object. We did buy a few things in Crate & Barrel. but thats just because Alex and I are both suckers for cool kitchen gadgets, and beautiful ceramic berry bowls ;) Some of our other favorite places to look in are Sur La Table, Z Gallerie, Anthropologie and Michael Kors. We always just feel so fancy and grown up when we shop down town scottsdale, and its something that we don't do very often to I always look forward to it.

Once our window shopping was over, we headed out to Salt River Fields to see a Spring Training Game. It is no secret that alex and I are obsessed with baseball, and so it was an easy choice to celebrate our anniversary with the Diamondbacks. We went to a spring training game for our first anniversary, so needless to say, it has become a tradition to go every year.

We are cheap, newly weds, and we hate to buy food inside the park since it is super overpriced. But you cant take in outside food. So i had the brilliant idea to sneak the snacks in under my shirt. and lucky for me these snacks just made me look pregnant, so we were able to have a pretend baby for about 5 minutes before i was able to go into the bathrooms and 'give birth' to these tasty snacks and keep them in my purse. Alex was horrified that i actually snuck snacks in under my shirt, but he forgave me when he realized how expensive the same bag of sunflower seeds are on the inside of the park. It was definitely a funny memory.

Something else that was really cool was that we were at the park early enough that we were able to go down to the field and meet a few of the players. We were able to get our diamondbacks hat signed by Ian kennedy and Dan Hudson tow of Arizonas best pitchers! Alex was loving it!

The game was great as usual, but we were kinda anxious to leave the park, because we had a reservation at The Melting Pot for dinner! We got changed out of our baseball garb, and got a little fancier. Something I love about eh melting pot, is how romantic it is. we requested a privacy booth, and so our little intimate table was behind our own little curtain, and we were free to be as lovey as we wanted without disgusting the others around us. Perfect for an anniversary dinner. ;)

We had a lovely time eating all the amazing things The Melting Pot has to offer, and reminiscing about the past year together. We had agreed to not exchange presents this year, but i lied, and i still got alex a present, and it was so fun to surprise him. I had bought him tickets to Opening Day (toldya we love baseball) Our seats were right behind Home base, and it was so fun to actually surprise Alex with something that he (and I) will really really enjoy.

Our anniversary celebration was a huge success, and I always love getting to spend one on one, romantic and fun times with my sweet husband. /rasies glass Here is to another fabulous year!! I love you Alex. Thank you for another year of amazing memories, growing opportunities, learning experiences, and countless reasons to love you more and more.


  1. Lol, congrats on your fake baby! Happy anniversary!

  2. Ahahaha, I love the fake baby--genius!