Sunday, September 2, 2012


I sit here in a bit of a stupor, a little bit hazy and a lot bit frightened.
I sit here with butterflies in my stomach.
I sit here, looking over at my husband of 1.5 years, wondering how we got to this point in life so quickly.
I sit here, a little sad to be closing a chapter in our book.
I sit here, so excited for what lies ahead.

Tonight is the last night in our apartment.
Tomorrow we move into our house.
We move into a big house, with lots of big responsibilities.
We move to a new town.
We are leaving behind everything that is familiar.
Diving head first into something totally foreign.

It's fun to look back on the last 16 months spent in Playa Palms Apartments.
So many firsts.
But it is so fun, to be able to look forward to life in this new house.
Imagining all the first we will have there?
It's so wonderful to have new beginnings.

A chance to start over.
To resolve to change for the better.
To want to study more, love more, grow more.
To be more patient.
To have better relationships.
To step out of my comfort zone.

I think that this new chapter will be such a wonderful opportunity for my relationship with my husband to blossom more than it ever has. 
We get to make so many new decisions in this house.
What to do after Alex graduates.
When to have kids.
What color to paint the kitchen.
(not all the decisions need to be life altering ;)

All in all, i would say i'm excited.
Scared, but very excited.
We have been working so hard to be able to do this.
And we are so fortunate.

I love my husband.
I love my new house.
I love my Heavenly Father.

Here goes nothing.


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  1. Yay, so exciting!! Congrats, I hope it's just perfect :)