Thursday, August 23, 2012

LA Baby

I don't know why it takes me so long to blog about things...
Well yes i do, it's my insane schedule that makes it kinda hard, but still, you'd think i would have a little motivation.
Anyway, a few weeks back Alex and I were able to go on our one and only Summer Vacation! We saved up for about 3 months and finally had enough to make the drive out to LA for 3 days!
Planning this trip was so fun, and so different. Usually there is always someone else involved in the decision making. My mom, my best friend, my grandma... But this time it was just Alex and I. We picked out whatever hotel we wanted, we chose what restaurants we wanted to try, we made up our schedule! This was the first trip that we had alone since our honeymoon, so needless to say, we were pretty excited!

Finally Saturday morning rolled around and I was just itching to get on the open road. We packed up our bags, a few snacks and some games and we were on our way. The trip there was fun, driving in the early morning, no traffic. But no traffic means no need to go slow. And no need to go slow means that you go 84 in a 65 zone. And going 84 in a 65 zone means that you get pulled over. Haha, Alex was freaking out, he was so worried that we wouldn't' be able to make it to LA in time after talking to the officer. But lucky for us, the officer was so super nice and asked us where we were headed, and when we said, LA to see a dodgers game, he let us go with just a warning! Thank the Heavens for baseball ;)

The rest of the drive went off without a hitch. I loved driving through Palm Springs and seeing all the windmills.

It look us a little over 5 hours to make the trip, and we immediately went to our hotel to wash up and get ready to go to the LA Temple. I cant remember the last time i was SO excited to do a session! I couldn't wait to see inside a different temple besides the other 2 i have been in, Mesa and Jordan River :) And let me just tell you that the LA temple did NOT disappoint! I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was! And it was so so huge! I was in awe the whole time. 

I love that we started off our trip at the temple. It kinda set the stage for the most wonderful vacation ever. 
After the session, we just decided to walk around downtown LA and find a place to eat.
We were so lucky to come across Pomodoro. This small little italian restaurant right on Santa Monica Blvd. It was gorgeous. We walked in and they went to seat us, and they offered us two different tables. The first was a large 6 seater in the middle of the crowded room, and the second was a secluded little table for 2 off in the corner right by the window. We obviously chose the secluded table. and enjoyed our incredibly romantic dinner. The food was amazing and the company wasn't half bad either ;)

After dinner we hurried back to the hotel to rest up, since in the morning we headed to Knott's Berry Farm! I was so excited to go since I had never been before. And Alex was so excited to take me since it is his favorite theme park. Plus it's not very often that we do something that I haven't already done... so Alex owned the day, showing me around and telling me all about the rides. I LOVED the whole day. It was a gorgeous day, not too hot with a nice breeze. And there were hardly any people at the park. We never waited in line longer than about 20 minutes. So amazing! I am so glad I married someone who loves thrill rides as much as me. And I was even surprised that on a few rides I was more afraid than he was. I loved the old wooden roller coaster, Ghostrider! But my all time favorite was the Silver Bullet. it's one of those coasters that you hang from and your feet are dangling and it's so crazy scary, but so amazingly fun at the same time! I think we rode that one at least 7 times. 

We rode every single ride in the park, well besides the kiddie rides, but we even rode the water ride! We stayed bone dry for the whole ride, until the very last drop that takes you back to were you get off... This huge tidal wave comes and just lands in my lap... haha it was so funny! 

It was such a great day. We ended the day by going back to the hotel and ordering a pizza and watching cable. I honestly can't think of a better way to end a day :)

The next morning we took it easy and had a late breakfast, then headed out the LA's Fashion District to do a little shopping. It was so fun to just walk around with alex and shop and barter and eat street hot dogs. plus Alex is the best husband and said that we couldn't leave until i have bought something. No complaining here. So we shopped until i found the most perfect purse ever. Bonus, it was only $12. I love it so much! 

After we left the fashion district we still had a little bit of time to kill, so we went to the Grove mall... now mind you this isn't just any mall. This is the most fancy outdoor mall i have ever seen! There was a beautiful courtyard with a pond and fountains and bridges and street bands and people dancing and sitting at outdoor cafes. It seriously looked like something straight out of a movie. 
They had the most magnificent movie theater i had ever seen, and we were so impressed that we decided to go see The Dark Knight Rises. it was phenomenal and it was extra fun seeing it in such an amazing theater. After the movie we just walked around and window shopped at stores that we could never afford anything in. :) 

^^ see what I mean, that mall is incredible.

Okay, and now this was my favorite part of our trip! 

okay and back story real fast in case you don't know, alex and i LOVE baseball and we have a goal to see a MLB game in every stadium across America (Plus the one stadium in Toronto Canada)

We were so pumped for this game, and we planned the trip around it so that we would be in LA while the DBacks were playing the Dodgers! How perfect is that! We rushed to the stadium and took a bunch of pictures and bought our traditional souvenir (a Logo pin from the Home team) and bought some dinner. Then found our seats. We had great seat on the first base line, about 15 rows back! so awesome. 
We wore our Dbacks shirts, so all the surrounding LA fans kinda joked that we were in the wrong place, but everyone was really really nice and we even sat by an older man and his wife who are doing the same thing we are. They are ahead of us though, and they have been to 18 stadiums! So it was really fun to talk to them! 
The Game was amazing, and it was even better because we totally creamed the Dodgers! :) That's always fun to do, especially at an away game! 

We took some more pictures after the game, but then sadly we had to head straight home. 
It was a super long drive, and a lot less fun this time. We were both so sleepy, but we did make it home safe and sound and took Tuesday off work to just stay home and recoup :)

It was a great trip! :) 

What has been your favorite Summer Vacation??


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