Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me...

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

over a month ago.

i'm such a slacker, it's just sad.

Haha, I will just do a quick run through since there are actual recent events that i want to blog about before September rolls around.

My birthday is July 2, but as any smart girl does, I decided to start celebrating a few days early.
On the Friday before the day of my birth, i had all my bestest friends over for a little birthday party. We ate s'mores, chips and salsa and cookies until we were sick, and then jumped in the pool and tried to have a successful game of HORSE. I really feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing friends.

Birthday Flowers

The next day, Alex took off work and dedicated the day "Spoil Allora Silly" day. We started off the day in a way that is not appropriate to blog about ;) but then went out for brunch at my favorite French Restaurant, Mimi's Cafe. We sat by the window and wished that we were sitting in an actual cafe in Paris instead of looking out the window and seeing Fiesta Mall...haha But it was a great morning, we left the cafe, and went shopping at Chandler Fashion Center. We love to walk around and pretend that we can afford things from Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and Michael Kors. Later we went to a movie at Tempe Marketplace and also went and contemplated buying a turtle at Pestmart. Then for my special birthday dinner we went to Smash Burger. We had heard tons of good things about it, and it more than lived up to the hype. After dinner we got some Ice Cream and sat out on the patio and ate our ice cream and played games and I couldn't have asked for a better day. We didn't do anything over the top, but the fact that I had Alex 100% to myself all day long was the best present. That's what I wish for every year. :)

Then, on monday, my actual birhtday, i still had to work, but my sweet boss bought me the most magnificent present! Ballet Flat Toms! 

Then after work, I rushed to dinner with my family at Chili's (it's tradition) and opened all my presents! Lets just say that I was Spoiled ROTTEN! Thanks momma! :) 

The Sweet Husband and I

You can never have too much Polish

Anthropologie Measuring Spoons 

Anthro Spoon Rest

Anthro Butter Dish

Chalkboard made by my sweet Sister

I got 21 bottles of DP from my AMAZING in-laws!!! 
After dinner we went to Paletas Betty, my favorite Mexican Popsicle place and then we went bowling! I feel so blessed to have my family live so close and to have them still want to spoil me even now that I am married! Thanks Mom & Dad! <3

I have a feeling that this year is gonna be the best ever! :)

Now get out there are Celebrate something!


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