Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

I know Fathers Day was a few days ago, but I just really want to dedicate a post to my dad.

Dear Dad,
I feel like there will never be the right words to express how much I really appreciate and love you. I can say those words over and over again, but i feel like they will always fall short.
You have always stood by my side and encouraged me no matter what.
I feel like i can come to you with any problem and you will be there to help me sort through it.
I love that you are always only a phone call or a text away.
I love that you call me randomly throughout the week just to talk.
You have taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to.
I have learned that it's okay to be silly and it is necessary to laugh at myself.
You have taught me integrity and self respect.
You have showed me how to have successful marriage.
I love that you love my mom. I know we always cringe and pretend to throw up when you kiss mom in front of us kids, but really you have no idea how much i love that.
You instilled a love of travel and culture deep within my heart. That desire to explore has stemmed from you and I am so glad that you dragged me half way across the world when I was young so that i could have all those wonderful experiences.
I love when you take us boating.
I love when you buy me lunch.
I love when you call me 'kiddo'
I love when you tear up because you are proud of me.
I love our inside jokes.
I love that I look like you.
Dad, you are my very best friend.
I can't wait to see you as a Grandpa.
I know my kids will be so incredibly blessed to have you in their lives.
I love you so much.
Your Baby Girl

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