Monday, January 2, 2012

twenty twelve :)

hey there! told ya i'd do better at blogging! although i will admit, this post is going to be pretty awesome cliche... i just feel like i have to let the blogging world know how thankful i am for this past year, and how pumped i am for the upcoming 12 months!!! so athough it isn't original, it is necessary... 

my 2011 timeline of happiness

january- alex and i got a head start on the wedding planning process and took our engagement pictures... it was a BLAST... 

February- had my bachelorette party! i am so blessed with amazing friends and family who all supported me and my marriage!

March- this one is easy. i married my best friend in mesa temple for time and all eternity and we honeymooned on a fabulous cruise to mexico... i mean come on... :)

April - alex and i stuggled to get into the swing of things.. being married, living together, understanding each others feelings was hard on both of us, but we made it out alive, and we grew and changed for the better within this first month of marriage and i wouldn't have changed any of it. Also, it was baseball season so he took me to a few games! 

May - school was out and it was time to party!! it was finally warm enough to go to the lake, so that is what we did, every chance we got!!

June - We celebrated my brothers birthday, went to the Aquarium, had more lake trips and just enjoyed the lazy days that summer has to offer :)

July - I turned 20, and was doted upon by my sweet husband. We also hosted our very first 4th of July party :)

August - We took a trip to mexico with our dearest friends Mark & Hope. It was an awesome trip!!!

September - we attended sports games and had our last lake trip for the year. 

October- went and visited Hope at Disneyland where she was working for the semester :) 

November - Started my new nanny job, enjoyed thanksgiving and black friday :)

December - put up our very own Christmas tree, celebrated Alex's birthday, got a new kitten and celebrated Christmas and enjoyed the season with our families!

i feel so blessed to have had such a fabulous year. 

and now that i've over loaded you with photos, i'll sign off and talk about my love for 2012 another day :)

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