Monday, January 30, 2012

happy to do nothing.

I got to work this morning and my boss asked how my weekend was.

Without hesitation, i said "It was AMAZING!!"
My boss smiled and wanted to know what i had done over the weekend to make it so AMAZING...
I paused to think... "We didn't do anything..." was my reply.

We didn't do anything. And it was AMAZING.

Friday night (date night) consisted of going across the street to get Subway sandwiches and Fry's ice cream and then coming home to eat cross legged on the couch while we watched Oceans' Eleven and swooned over George Clooney's incredibly good looks... yes even my husband was swooning ;)

That night we were in bed by 10:00... amazing!

Saturday, Alex had work in the morning, so i slept in til 9:30 (AMAZING)!!! then got up and took a shower that lasted longer than 3.7 minutes... I even shaved my legs <GASP>
 I then made a tasty luinch and prepared a picnic for Alex and I once he got home... but we didn't feel like going to far, so the picnic ended up happening on our living room floor while we watched episodes of How I Met Your Mother... amazing!

Then we went birthday shopping for my father-in-law. He turned 50, so we had to get something clever! We wrote him a not that said something like:

"As the prime of youth fades, the stench of old age sinks in... 50 STINKS!!!"

and we provided him with a bunch of things to help combat his new found stinky-ness. A candle, air freshener, breath mints, deodorant, cologne, and odor blocking garbage bags. Everyone got a huge kick out of our gift! I'd say it was a success.

Sunday was full of church, and tasty food, movies, popcorn, birthday cake, belly laughs, cuddly kittens and a loving husband.

And while we didn't do anything extravagent, we didn't spend very much money, we had an amazing weekend. It's amazing how spending a few days in your sweats, eating on the couch and snuggling for hours  is made so muich better when you get to spend it with one hunky hunband!!! I mean, come one! how lucky am i??

i'd say the rest of eternity is going to be pretty amazing as well :)

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