Sunday, March 5, 2017

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So, I'm getting induced in the morning (March 6th, 2017)... so I figure since I'll be writing a birth story in a few days, I should probably write up something to document this 2nd pregnancy.

To start, I found out I was expecting on my 25th birthday. I had been having really strange dreams and just sort of 'felt' it. So even though I had a few more days until I would miss my period, I decided to take a test early that morning. I watched as the lines were forming and for a good 45 seconds, no second line ever showed up. I knew that I had to give the test 2-5 minutes to really get a good reading, so I went back to bed and casually scrolled facebook. I kinda zoned out, and honestly forgot to check the test right away, but a friends post about her pregnancy brought me back, and I snagged the test off of my nightstand. I did a double take. There were 2 lines! I was so giddy and I started to cry. Alex and Iz were still sleeping but I knew I couldn't wait very long to tell them. I came up with a cute little poem and wrapped the test up in some birthday wrapping. When Alex woke up I handed him the gift and said "Happy Birthday!", he was still pretty groggy and kinda confused but I insisted he open the little box. He read the poem and let it all sink in, and then, for some reason, he was super awake after that. Haha, we kissed and exchanged our "I can't believe it"s, and then we had to quickly rush and get ready since we would be meeting up with my family for breakfast.

We told my family and the McHardy's immediately. I also texted Hope and Taylor. It's my personal opinion that I would want a few friends and family to know from the very very beginning, and then that way if something tragic happens and I lose the pregnancy, I have a support system behind me.

Overall, my pregnancies are easy peasy. I am so fortunate to not get sick, although food doesn't always sound great for the first weeks. Sadly this was while we were in Paris, and I wasn't able to fully enjoy the wonderful food, but I can't even complain since it would have been much much worse to be throwing up for 10 days abroad.

Some other symptoms I experienced this go around was that my body was a lot more sore and tired than it was with Izzy. I was really emotional with Isabel. Crying unexpectedly, getting mad over the wrong kind of taco shell, that kind of thing. But physically, I didn't experience too many aches and pains, I always slept well, and didn't understand the normal complaints from other pregnant friends about achey joints, sore ligaments, and whatnot. But this go around, I haven't really shed one unnecessary tear. I've been level headed, even keeled and an overall an pregnant delight to be around - truly, you can even ask my husband. But my body has been aching since very early on. I had extreme sciatic pain, and lower pelvic pain and unending back pain. Luckily I still have slept really well this pregnancy. One similarity between both pregnancies is the heart burn. So we will have to wait and see if Baby Boy has as much hair as Izzy did.

Naming this baby was the most impossible task. Naming a little girl would have been a breeze. We had like 5 names that we LOVED. But with a boy... yeah no such luck. Sure there are lots of good boy names, but nothing that felt suited our little one. Once we decided on one, it still took a few weeks of playing around with it before it felt really right. But now, we love it so much, and hearing Izzy call my belly by Baby's name is the sweetest.  Some of the names we liked but won't be using were - Carson, Jace, Bennett, and Daniel.

I think the absolute best part about this pregnancy has been watching Izzy fall in love with her baby brother. She caught on to the concept really early. She never seemed to question the fact that there was a real little person in my belly. She loved to sing and snuggle and talk to my belly. She would constantly ask me "what's baby brudder sayin?" and i'd have to say something like "He says 'I love you Izzy'" or "He says 'Thanks for the kisses and snuggles'". She loved that. Also I could get her to almost anything by asking her to do it for baby brother. If I ask for a snuggle or a kiss of to take a picture, she might say no. But if I said to come and do those things with baby brother, she'd come running. I cannot wait to see them together. I really think she will be a great big sister. I don't anticipate too much jealousy, but we will see.

I'm grateful for my amazing friends and family that threw the sweetest shower for this little boy. It was themed around "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and everything turned out amazing. We had incredible back drops, cute and yummy food and super fun games. We felt so loved and so supported and I really felt prepared to bring him home to our family after the shower. The bonus was that we used the amazing back drop and incorporated it into his nursery, which I just think is so much fun!

We also are blessed with an amazing friend, who also happens to be a phenomenal photographer! She offered to do our pictures to help widen her portfolio of maternity photos. It was a gorgeous day, and I just felt so beautiful. I had a much bigger bump with this baby, even though I weigh a lot less this time around. I'm glad we have the pictures from each pregnancy to compare and remember the similarities and differences.

We are so excited to become a family of 4! I am interested to see all the similarities between Izzy and Brother. I'm excited to have more baby snuggles, more baby coo's, more cheeks to kiss, more diapers to change, more patience to show and more love to give.

We are excited to meet you little one. I know you will be a huge blessing to our family. We all love you so much already!

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