Sunday, March 5, 2017

Colorado Baseball Trip 2016

By now, most of my audience reading this blog already know that we have a goal to see a baseball game in every MLB stadium. It's a super fun goal that gets us to explore a bunch of different states that we probably wouldn't visit otherwise. A funny story about this trip too, Alex had originally booked the trip for when the Dbacks we playing the rockies but it was about 10 days before we were planning to leave for Paris, and I just felt overwhelmed by so much traveling so close together, so we cancelled. But we decided to look into going again later in the year, and decided that labor day weekend would be perfect since Alex gets the friday before labor day, and the monday off. We looked up flights and they were dirt cheap with our points, and then just for fun decided to see who the Rockies were gonna be playing, and HURRAY, they were going to be playing the Dbacks again. The beauty of seeing a team that's in the same division as your home team, is that they play each other a ton. We booked it all up so quick! 

Our first day we hit up the Denver Zoo, which was really fun. They have lots of exhibits, and they do lots of shows. We saw an elephant show, a sea lion show, and (just for Alex) the llama show :) The weather was really nice and overcast and we had a really fun morning. We went to get lunch before the game and found this gourmet hot dog place, which you know I was pumped about. But these hot dogs were crazy. They were made with all kinds of meats. Alex had a reindeer dog, but they had rattlesnake, pheasant, elk, wild boar, and even bat! I was boring and just got 100% beef, but topped it with caramelized onions and cream cheese and it was so good. We also got deep fried mac n cheese which was to die for.

We got to the game and did our usual walk around the stadium, took some pictures, bought our hats, and a pin and then went up to our seat. Izzy ate a bunch of sunflower seeds, got a soda, and played on the little kids play place. The Dbacks played really well, until about the 7th inning. We were up 7 to 5, but ended up losing 14-7. It was terrible. Hahaha. Oh well. But ti was also at this game that we announced our pregnancy to social media. Announcing to friends and family on Facebook and Instagram is always such a fun part of being pregnant!

The next day we went to the Children's museum and had a blast there. They had a dino exhibit and izzy got to dig for bones which she liked a lot. They also had an awesome water table, and i think Alex enjoyed that just as much as izzy. They had puzzles and arts and crafts and story time and we ended up spending way more time than we thought we would at the museum. 

We left and went to the 16th street mall, which is a big out door strip with tons of shops and places to eat. We found a really yummy burger place and it was SO GOOD. They had parmesan truffle fries and I got a chipotle adobo turkey burger. I would go back to Denver just to go to that restaurant.

We walked around some more, and ended up heading back to the hotel to just relax. We watched some movies, got sodas from sonic and ordered a pizza! It was a really fun and easy night after a really busy day. 

Sunday was our last day, but we had a late flight, so we were able to take a beautiful drive up mountains. We drove the highest road in america. You go to an altitude of 14,000 ft. and its on this super crazy, stressful road. I was kinda freaking out a little. But the views were gorgeous, and izzy got to eat some snow at the top, which was fun.

We grabbed some jimmy johns and headed to the airport and got home in one piece. We had to go straight to bed since we were getting up early to head to Tucson for Labor Day.

I'm grateful for Alex and the hard work he puts in for us to be able to travel so freely, and so inexpensively. I'm glad we have a love for baseball, and a sweet, easy going daughter who is a joy to travel with. 

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