Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Second Month

The second month of baby's life was FULL of fun! We did so much, and baby was so wonderful with everything we threw at her. It's just crazy to me that I have been a mom for over 2 months. Seriously you guys, time is FLYING. Why?! How?! I do not approve of any of this. Why does it seem like time is standing still while you are waiting for them to get here, but once they arrive, time switches into hyper-speed and you aren't able to even blink without them changing and growing? It stresses me out more than it probably should.

Every day that goes by Iz just gets cuter and cuter, which is hard to believe. She is getting stronger, and loves to stand up and bounce and 'jump' while you hold her. It's hilarious. She is talking more and more and and coos and giggles all the time. Her most talkative moments are right in the morning when she wakes up and in the afternoon after her longest nap. It's so much fun. She is CONSTANTLY smiling. I can't believe how happy and easy going she is. Honestly, if she is fed and changed and burped, she's content. She will just lay on the ground or sit in your lap or lay in her crib or chill in her swing and just smile and look around and talk to herself.

The month started out with my birthday! It was by far the best birthday I have ever had, simply because I had my little buddy to celebrate with. The day started out with breakfast at Liberty Market in Old Gilbert. I'd never been before, but their free $10 credit on your birthday was the perfect excuse to try it. And we were not disappointed. The food was great and atmosphere was just cool and laid back. My whole family was able to join us and Alex took off work specifically to spend the day with me. That alone was a wonderful gift! After our yummy breakfast, I ran across the street to Joe's BBQ and got another $10 meal for free and got it to go to eat another day. Working the system, ya know. Then we went back to my family's house to relax and get out of the heat. We played lots games and opened presents. Later that evening, we went to Joe's Farm Grill to finish the free meal trifecta. And it works out perfect since Joe's Farm Grill is my favorite restaurant. We sat outside under the misters and it was perfect! I had such an enjoyable day!

On the 4th of July, we had a family BBQ and were so excited to take Izzy swimming for the first time. She LOVES bath time, so I was anticipating her loving swimming as well. And I was right! She was a little concerned at first since it wasn't as warm as her normal bath, but once she got use to it she would kick her little legs, and we even put her under and it didn't even phase her. She loves having her hair in the water so we would have her float on back and she was so content. It was so fun to be in the water with her! 

We went back to church when she was 5 weeks, and she did amazing, I was worried that she wouldn't do well since she wouldn't be with me for 2 of the hours since I am primary chorister. But she just has the best time hanging out with Alex in the clerks office and going to Elders Quorum. Everyone was just smitten with her, and she was just soaking up all the attention. She's a serious social butterfly. She just smiles at anyone and everyone! It's so endearing.

At the end of the month, I decided to join my family on a fun little trip they were going on to St. George. I wasn't nervous for flying with her, or her sleeping situation. She's honestly the easiest baby ever and I knew everything would be just perfect. Flying was great, especially once we got through security. That wasn't the best experience, but we survived. I just held her on my lap on the plane and made sure to nurse her for take off and landing and she just slept for most of the flight. Angel baby, I swear. We had the best time spending a week with our cousins and Grandma. We played lots of games, went and saw some shows a Tuachan (a beautiful outdoor theater) and went swimming a few times. It was so good to have a little get away, and honestly it was such a break for me. Izzy is serisouly so easy, but it was nice for a week to have so many helping hands willing to bathe her, change her diaper, feed her when I had a pumped bottle for her, snuggle her, rock her, tickle her, and love on her. I got to take naps almost daily, and I probably only changes 2 diapers the whole week! We loved being able to see everyone and introduce them to baby.

Izzy just gets more and more fun every day.

Some things from this month that I don't want to forget:

  • You're babbling more. Always telling us your baby stories and telling us about your dreams (that's what I think at least ;)
  • Smiling more. If you can believe that. I swear if you are awake you are smiling. And even sometimes I will catch you smiling in your sleep. Such a happy little spirit.
  • Sucking on anything within reach of your little mouth. Whether its your own fists, a binkie, my arm, dads cheek, or your teddy bear blanket... anything. 
  • As result of all the sucking, you have gotten super slobbery. Drooling all the time. Plus baby spit bubbles. It's pretty cute.
  • You are a nursing rock star. We had our struggles in the beginning, but we persevered, and now we are rocking it! 
  • You were still was wearing newborn diapers until you were 6 weeks old, but now you have graduated to size 1. Skinny little bum!!
  • You still wear all your newborn clothes. Some 0-3 month clothes fit. But most of everything is still too big. It fits length wise since you are so long, but you're also so skinny that it just drowns you and is sooo baggy. But i'm fine with it, we are definitely getting our moneys worth out of those newborn clothes. 
  • You had your first little cold this month. We were so sad to see you sick, but we soaked in all the snuggles and you were just a little trooper. Not too fussy, but your poor little eyes looked so sick, and I just could tell that you weren't feeling well.
  • You still are the best sleeper. You go down every night around 10:30 and sleep through the night until 6:30 and then I will feed you and you will go back down until 9:45-10:00. Then you still take three of four 1-2 hour naps through out the day. You took after your momma and my love for sleeping. ;)

Izzy, I love you so much. You and your dad are the two most important people to me, and I feel so blessed that you were sent to us. I don't know what I did to deserve such a beautiful baby. Inside and out you are just perfect. You are absolutely gorgeous, but you also have such a sweet heart. I can tell that you will be a calm spirit, and be a peacemaker. You are so easy going and happy. I'm so glad to be your momma. You make everything better and much more fun. I love taking you out with me and hearing all the remarks from complete strangers about how beautiful and well behaved you are. You usually give them a big smile that makes their day, I'm sure. You are my absolute favorite. I love you Izzy Bean.

Love, your momma

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