Thursday, July 31, 2014

The First Month

{Written 7/31/14} You guys, I have been a mom for 8 weeks... whaaa?! So crazy. Sorry that this post is getting published WAY LATE!!
Honestly, nothing has been so wonderful and comfortable and instinctual and emotional and scary and amazing as these last few weeks have been. I wish I was able to completely remember every single detail. Capture every look, every snuggle, every day in it's simple perfection. 

{Written 7/7/14}
The first day in the hospital, we just enjoyed Izzy, and had more visitors. We also had a photographer come and take some absolutely gorgeous photos of our little family. Everyone was in awe of her beauty, and one nurse even thought that the pictures of her were stock photos of  the model baby used on all the hospital brochures, and was shocked when I told her that it was in fact, not the model baby, but MY baby. /self five for making a stinking gorgeous baby.

We were able to be discharged at 6:00pm the next day! I was so happy that we didn't have to stay in the hospital longer than a day and a half. We left, and made our way promptly to Barros, where we had our first family meal :)

The first night home went great! We were all alone, since my mom didn't come to stay with us until the next day. She slept great, gave us a good solid 3 hours between each feeding. We had decided that we were going to have her sleep in her crib, in her own room from night one. She looked SO CUTE in the big crib. Just a tiny little peanut. 

On June 6th my parents came over and planned to spend the next few days with us. We gave Izzy her first bath at home! She absolutely LOVED it. We have this cute little tub and she just kinda hung out in the water and her eyes got huge and so excited when we washed her hair. That girl knows whats up. We wrapped her up in this amazing froggy towel and I just about ate her up, she looked so yummy!

We spent the next few days just hanging out with friends and family. We had so many wonderful people bring over meals and come to visit. It really helped keep my spirits up and my emotions in check being surrounded by so much love and support. I never really got too crazy or experienced too many baby blues. I did have one meltdown in the shower on the day my milk came in. My body was just in so much pain. I was having a rough recovery and everything just kept piling up on me, and the pain was just too much at times. But I survived, and I'm stronger for it.

It is amazing to see her changing everyday. Amazing, and tragic. I always heard other moms tell me how fast it goes and to cherish every singly solitary second. And I believed them, but man, it goes even faster than I can keep up with. I feel like I look away for a few seconds and she is bigger and different and older and cuter than she was a few seconds earlier. It's a stressful situation really. But I have so enjoyed every single moment. 

Alex got to enjoy his first real Father's Day, and he just soaked it up so much. He is such an amazing dad, and just spent his day snuggling his little baby.

Izzy, here are some of my favorite little bits from this first month that I absolutely do not want to forget about you.

  • The way you snort when you cries. It's so adorable and funny. We call you our little piggy. And we even bought you the cutest little stuffed pig, and look so cute lying next to it in your crib! I just love it.
  • I love nursing you. It's such a special time that we share. I love looking at your adorable little profile while you eat, and I LOVE that it's a view that I alone get to enjoy. Also, when you eat you grab onto my fingers so tight and it's my favorite thing! I can't stand the thought of knowing that someday we wont share these moments and there will be a time when you won't want to hold my fingers. So for now, I am soaking in all of these moments as much as possible!
  • I also love that you always cry when you are done eating. It's only for a few seconds once you realize that all the food is gone. You just love eating so much and it makes you sad when it's over. 
  • I love getting "kisses" from you whenever you are hungry. I can put your lips up to mine and you make the cutest little pursed lips, and kinda suck on my lips or cheeks and I consider those to be you little kisses to me or your dad. 
  • You have never been a fan of being swaddled, and from the very beginning, you have always slept with your hands up by your face. Sometimes straight above your head, and other times, just rest on your cheeks. It's the sweetest. Also, whenever anyone picks you up while you are sleeping, you arch your back so much and make the cutest squishy face I have ever seen. I'm still trying to capture a photo of it, because it's basically my favorite thing.
  • You are still just so tiny and perfect. At your one month appointment, you weight 8 pounds 10 ounces and were 21 inches long! You still wear newborn clothes and use newborn diapers! I love my tall skinny little munchkin. 
  • You sleep SO WELL. Literally you've been a great sleeper from the very beginning, and the older you get, the better you sleep. You consistently give us at least 5 ours straight, then you'll eat real quick, and go right back down for another 3-4 hours. It's perfection. You also give me 3 really solid 2-3 hour naps throughout the day. I get lots of snuggle time in with those naps. I love it. I'm not too quick to put you down while you're sleeping. I just love having you curled up on my chest, feeling you breath so slowly. I may have laundry to do, and floors to mop, but it's just not important enough... I just love you too much.

Izzy baby, thank you so much for making me the happiest mommy in the world. 

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  1. Allora she is so precious! You are such a great mamma and I know all too well what you mean about having to soak up the moments while they're there.