Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cheap Date Night

If you have never heard of First Friday then you are missing out! It makes for the most perfect date night. Down in Phoenix there are a few places that have free admission on the first friday of every month. The science center and the art museum are just two of those places. totally free. amazing.

Alex and i took full advantage last night and drove out to phoenix. I sure love the City Life feel that Phoenix has. so different that the little Mesa bubble i am use to.

We finally found the parking garage after 25 minutes of driving around and being so confused by the One Way streets that Phoenix is so famous for. But once we found the parking garage and got to the Science Center we had a blast playing with all the exhibits.

Test your flexibility.  

The little bank booth. haha


Don't so this more than once. Alex got so sick we had to leave early.

Bahaha So Dizzy!!!

Eye See You

He is really mature.

After the Science Center we went to Tempe and indulged in some Mexican Popsicles. We even had a Living Social coupon for it. :)

i'm so addicted.


i die.

So our entire date cost $4 and it was some of the most fun i have had in a while. I highly recommend it. :) 

Go out and tell someone you love them. and enjoy your Cinco e Mayo!!

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