Thursday, March 1, 2012

This one is for you.

Hope: Noun. Having an expectation for something good to happen

That is what most people think of when they here the word Hope. And while that is the correct definition on Hope, I prefer a different definition.

Hope: noun. An amazing friend, an example of love, patience and understanding. Wonderful musician. Comedian. Support group. Friend. Wife (In a few day) sister, daughter, kindred spirit and soul mate.

Hope Andersen (Douglass) is seriously one of the most amazing women I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and no, she isn't paying me to write this post ;)

I met Hope almost 2 years ago through my Husband. She was actually dating my husbands little brother Ian and so she was always around at the house and at movies nights and such. And although we weren't best friends while she was dating Ian, I am really glad that we took the time after Ian left on his mission to get to know each other better.

It didn't take very long for hope and I to become inseparable, and now that I think about it I can't even really remember life without her in it... It seems like I've known her forever, she knows so much about me and I know she always will be.

It's funny, you know how when you are little and you talk to your best friend and you say, "when we grow up we are going to marry boys who are best friends, and we will live by each other and our kids will grow up together and we will have play dates with our babies and double dates with our husbands and it's just going to all be so fabulous!!" well, with most of my best friends that isn't the case, but with Hope, it is!! Our husbands have been best friends since elementary school!! How fabulous is that?? We have already gone on two Couples Vacations together, one to Mexico and the other to Disneyland.. And I know that those are just the beginning!! I know that even if they do end up moving away (mark and hope love the snow and so they want to move to Utah or Colorado or something.... Weirdos) we will still see them multiple times a year. We will always love to have them in our home during the holidays!! They are practically family, and I've only known them for 1.5 years!! Isn't that amazing? How people come in to our lives who you know are simply meant to be with you!

I can only imagine that Hope and I were friends in heaven :)

I love Hope so dearly and I can not wait to watch our lives develop together! She and Mark are getting married next Saturday, and I am so excited to see the two of them make an eternal commitment to one another in the temple.
I know Hope will make an amazing wife and mother!! And an amazing auntie to my babies!! She is caring and loving and thoughtful and forgiving and she is okay with sitting outside the church building every Thursday after choir to listen to me talk and talk and talk while we freeze our little bums off... Thanks for that Hopey.

Hope, I am so glad that you came into my life, and I'm so sorry that you are stuck with me and Alex for the rest of forever ;) sorry, but there is no getting rid of me now!

Now, everyone needs to go check out Hopes blog,

Seriously she is hilarious.

Huzzah for best friends!!!

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