Saturday, October 1, 2011


It's late, and i should be sleeping. i can hear my husband snoring in the other room, my kitten in asleep on the couch and nothing new has been updated to Facebook in the last 30 minutes... the world is asleep... and yet, here i am. typing away. kinda at a loss for what i will write. but i hope that whilst i randomly jab at the keyboard sleep will find me, and i can go snuggle with my hunny and dream happy things...

but until that happens, you're stuck with me and my randomness... you lucky person.

hmmm... i feel like there are never an new pins on Pinterest... i go and scroll through all the pins, and i think "hmm i am pretty sure i've seen ALL of these before..."
but i still never log off!! it's like CRACK i tell you. seriously so addicting, it's bad bad bad!!

 I should try and do something productive with my life...

 My house has successfully stayed clean all week! Which is a big deal if you know me... usually, i clean and then i see that as an excuse to bake something complicated or scrapbook... which then ends up making a bigger mess... it's a vicious cycle. But don't get too excited, i still haven't put away the laundry i did on tuesday... i'm not a super hero.

In other, still unimportant news I did actually make something off of Pinterest the other day! <insert applause here> I made a magnetic make up board... but since it is late, i'm not going to bother uploading a picture... but just know that it is really awesome and handy and cute and crafty and has totally solved the Cosmetic Clutter Epidemic of 2011. and it was SO easy and SO cheap. I highly recommend it. :)

hmm what else is new. OH. i saw The Help today. ohmahgooooddddddnnnnesssssss!! so fantastic. i cried and laughed and clapped and gasped. I thought it was wonderfully executed and even though i haven't finished reading the book, i feel like the movie is a very great representation of the book, and i truly love it when that happens.

I also got to spend time with my mom and sister today. and man it was just so great to talk and laugh and be with someone who understand my quirkiness and who can quote Jeff Dunham and The Ringer in normal conversation! It is nice to feel loved and to have someone to laugh at my stories and listen to my random ideas... i miss having girlfriends... everyone i know and love has moved far away from me and i feel abandoned and sometimes i just really need that old familiar feeling... and sometimes it's hard to come by. so i'm grateful for family who lives so close by and will still agree to be seen with me in public... ;)

and lastly, i just wanted to announce that my dearest sweetest friend Hope Andersen is engaged! I can't even begin to explain how happy i am for her and Mark. they are our special friends and i can't wait to see what the future has in store for them. <3 yay weddings.

i've rambled enough. and my eyelids are finally starting to droop. so i'm gonna head for bed (haha rhymes) and hopefully have more intelligent things to say in the near future!

:) Night Y'all


  1. Good to know we're your "special" friends ;P hahahaha

    Love you!! I promise I'll be back soon and we'll have bunches of hangouts and scrapbooking and everything lovely :) <3

  2. I love these posts!!! I hope you finally got some sleep!!!